Louisville Leopards Girls Soccer Tournament History

Louisville Lady Leopards Girls Soccer Sectional Final 2012

Louisville Girls Soccer Tournament Results

  • Sectional Champions: 2012, 2013
  • Overall Record: 9-18
  • Home Record: 5-2
  • Away Record: 4-15
  • Neutral Record: 0-1
  • Overtime Record: 4-0
10/15/2003North CantonDI Youngstown Sectional SemiNorth CantonL07 
10/19/2004CanfieldDI Youngstown Sectional SemiCanfieldL03 
10/19/2005Canton McKinleyDI Youngstown Sectional SemiCanton McKinleyW10 
10/22/2005GreenDI Youngstown Sectional FinalGreenL04 
10/17/2006CanfieldDI Youngstown Sectional SemiCanfieldW21OT
10/24/2006LouisvilleDI Youngstown Sectional FinalBoardmanL03 
10/17/2007Niles McKinleyDI Youngstown Sectional SemiNiles McKinleyL12 
10/13/2008GreenDI Youngstown Sectional SemiGreenL02 
10/19/2009GreenDI Austintown Sectional SemiGreenL05 
10/20/2010CanfieldDI Austintown Sectional SemiCanfieldL18 
10/18/2011LouisvilleDI Austintown Sectional SemiPerryW41 
10/22/2011CanfieldDI Austintown Sectional FinalAustintown FitchL15 
10/15/2012LouisvilleDI Austintown Sectional SemiGlenOakW30 
10/18/2012North CantonDI Austintown Sectional FinalNorth CantonW212OT
10/23/2012JacksonDI Austintown District SemiJacksonL15 
10/17/2013LouisvilleDI Austintown Sectional FinalGlenOakW10OT
10/22/2013LakeDI Austintown District SemiLakeL35 
10/16/2014LouisvilleDI Austintown Sectional FinalGlenOakL12 
10/19/2015Austintown FitchDI Austintown Sectional SemiAustintown FitchL06 
10/17/2016LouisvilleDI Austintown Sectional SemiPerryW31 
10/20/2016CanfieldDI Austintown Sectional FinalCanfieldL05 
10/16/2017BoardmanDI Austintown Sectional SemiBoardmanL12 
10/15/2018GlenOakDI Canton Sectional SemiGlenOakL03 
10/14/2019New PhiladelphiaDI Niles Sectional SemiNew PhiladelphiaW21OT
10/17/2019JacksonDI Niles Sectional FinalJacksonL04 
10/19/2020LouisvilleDI Northeast 2 Sectional SemiCuyahoga FallsW21 
10/22/2020JacksonDI Northeast Sectional FinalJacksonL04 

Overtime Games

  • The 10/17/2006 Game At Canfield was decided in Overtime, W 2-1
  • The 10/18/2012 Game At North Canton was decided in Double Overtime, W 2-1
  • The 10/17/2013 Game Vs. GlenOak was decided in Overtime, W 1-0
  • The 10/14/2019 Game At New Philadelphia was decided in Overtime, W 2-1