Hello and welcome to the Leopard Nation Site on  LouisvilleLeopards.Org.  I created this site back in November 2010 in order to start retrieving Louisville athletics history.  Since then it has grown into your #1 Source for Leopards Athletic news with pictures, videos, stories, and other media of Louisville High School’s athletics.  We strive to coverall Louisville athletics the best we can and in a quick & timely manner.  We will also be creating highlight videos for historical games and continue our constant gathering of Louisville Leopards sports history.

Now let me tell you a little about myself, the Creator & Head Editor of this site.  I am a graduate from Louisville High School in 2007 before attending the University of Akron where I graduated with a degree in Radio/TV Mass Communications in May 2011.  In my tenure at Akron, I also took several media production courses, wrote for the school newspaper the Buchtelite, was on the sports team and announced games for WZIP-FM, and helped launch and cover sports for Akron Sports Now.  My desire to cover Leopards athletics stems from my high school days when I was the Sports Editor for the school newspaper, the Spotlight.  I also helped update the Boys Soccer page on the Louisville High School website in a Web Design course I took while in high school.

My idea for this website was inspired by the former LouisvilleLeopards.com. LouisvilleLeopards.com featured a concrete history of Louisville Leopards Football as well as the presented the current Louisville Leopards football squads.  After turning the site over to new ownership, the site died out and the history was lost for some time.  I decided to bring back a site similar to it, just better than ever before with several more mediums of coverage of all Louisville Leopards sporting events to you.  Photos, Video Highlights, Stories, Stats, In-game updates, and more.  Not only will I be covering Leopards football, but we will cover the other Leopards sports that deserve proper recognition as well.  Through this coverage we hope to reach our ultimate goal which is to get as many student athletes as possible recognized by colleges all over.  This exposure should help them increase their chances of receiving a scholarship.  I hope you enjoy the site and tell the rest of Leopard Nation about it!