BASEBALL: Leopards Split Doubleheader at Stow

Bryan Adams Louisville Leopards Baseball

Game 1: Louisville 4, Stow 2

Jon Crank went 2-for-4 with an RBI double and RBI Single to lead Louisville to a victory at Stow in Game 1 of Saturday’s doubleheader.  Connor Ruffier also went 2-for-3 and scored two runs, and Mike Kellyshutout the Bulldogs in the final six innings of his complete game on the mound.

The Leopards and Bulldogs each got on the board in the opening inning.  Crank’s line drive double to left brought home Ruffier for the Leps lone run in the frame.  Stow answered back with two runs in the bottom of the first.  Dan Gardner’s RBI single scored Chris Choler and Thomas Gulley drove in Kevin Schorra for the Bulldogs two runs.  Kelly settled down after that and allowed just three hits the rest of the way, while striking out two.

Louisville retook the lead in the fourth inning with a pair of runs.  Dillon Stertzbach reached base via an error bringing home Riley Groves to to tie the game.  Then Kyle White singled to right field scoring Stertzbach from second to give Louisville a 3-2 lead.

The Leopards tacked on an insurance run in the top of the seventh.  Ruffier walked aboard to lead-off the inning and then stole second base.  Then Crank ripped a base hit to right bringing home Ruffier from second to make it 4-2 Louisville, the score they would win by.

Game 2: Stow 7, Louisville 5

The Bulldogs scored four runs in the bottom of the sixth to take the lead and eventually beat visiting Louisville in Beatty's Sports Baseball Shirt 2012 Spring Sports Logosgame two of Saturday’s doubleheader at Stow.  Bryan Adams went 2-for-3 with 2 RBI’s to lead the Leopards offensively.

Louisville started fast by scoring 4 runs in the top of the first inning.  Alex Hollifield led-off the game with a single, Mike Kelly reached base on an error, and Jon Crankwalked to load the bases.  Chad Neff then worked the count full before drawing a walk that brought home Hollifield for the first run of the game.  After a fielder’s choice, Crank came home on a wild pitch for the Leopards second run.  Finally, Adams delivered a single to right field that scored both Neff and Joey Duckworth to give Louisville a 4-0 lead after one.

On the Mound, Duckworth started the game, pitched 5 innings, gave up 3 runs (only 1 earned) on 6 hits, and struck out seven.  Duckworth also singled and scored in the sixth inning after Gabe Cozy delivered an RBI single to left field to make it 5-3 Leopards.

Stow went on to spoil the Leopards lead with four runs in the bottom of the sixth, three of which came via either a passed ball or an error.  Andrew Hurd and KC Kolke led the Bulldogs offense with two hits a piece.  The loss drops Louisville to 15-6 overall on the season with NBC-Deciding contests and tournament games upcoming next week.

Game 1 Box Score

Team 123-456-7–R-H-E

Louisville 100-200-1–4-9-0

Stow 200-000-0–2-6-2

Louisville Leopards Varsity Batting

K White301110
C Ruffier322010
M Kelly402001
J Crank402200
C Neff200001
R Groves310011
G Yoder300003
J Hughes301000
D Stertzbaugh311000
A Hollifield000000
J Duckworth000010
2B: J Crank, D Stertzbaugh
TB: K White, C Ruffier 2, M Kelly 2, J Crank 3, J Hughes, D Stertzbaugh 2
RBI: K White, J Crank 2
ROE: M Kelly, D Stertzbaugh
HBP: C Neff
GIDP: J Crank
SB: K White, C Ruffier, A Hollifield
CS: C Ruffier, J Crank, D Stertzbaugh
Quality At Bats

Team Total: 11 (33.33%)

K White 2 , C Ruffier , M Kelly , J Crank 2 , R Groves 2 , J Hughes ,D Stertzbaugh 2

Louisville Leopards Varsity Pitching

M Kelly217.062222064.5%
Win: M Kelly
Pitches-Strikes: M Kelly 110-71
Groundouts-Flyouts: M Kelly 12-5
First-pitch strikes-Batters faced: M Kelly 21-29

Stow Bulldogs Varsity Batting

K Sceiza300000
C Choler311000
K Schorra311000
D Garner301100
T Gulley300100
A Glessnee301001
A Porto201010
A Barry200001
M Urban100000
A Damschroder100000
TB: C Choler, K Schorra, D Garner, A Glessnee, A Porto, Hurd
RBI: D Garner, T Gulley
FC: A Barry
SB: A Barry
PO: Smith
Quality At Bats

Team Total: 11 (39.29%)

K Sceiza 2 , C Choler , K Schorra , D Garner , T Gulley , A Glessnee , A Porto ,A Barry , M Urban , Hurd

E: Smith 2
DP: B Geopfert, D Garner, T Gulley

Stow Bulldogs Varsity Pitching

B Geopfert186.083125059.8%
B Groves31.011121038.5%
Loss: B Geopfert
Hit batters: B Geopfert
Pitches-Strikes: B Geopfert 112-67, B Groves 26-10
Groundouts-Flyouts: B Geopfert 8-2, B Groves 0-1
First-pitch strikes-Batters faced: B Geopfert 11-30, B Groves 2-6

Game 2 Box Score

Team 123-456-7–R-H-E

Louisville 400-001-0–5-8-3

Stow 003-004-X–7-7-5

Louisville Leopards Varsity Batting

A Hollifield411001
D Stertzbaugh401001
M Kelly401001
J Crank310011
C Neff110110
J Duckworth421002
B Adams302200
G Cozy301100
P Parks301001
C Ruffier100010
TB: A Hollifield, D Stertzbaugh, M Kelly, J Duckworth, B Adams 2, G Cozy,P Parks
RBI: C Neff, B Adams 2, G Cozy
ROE: M Kelly, J Crank
FC: C Neff, J Duckworth
GIDP: J Crank
Quality At Bats

Team Total: 14 (42.42%)

A Hollifield 2 , D Stertzbaugh 2 , M Kelly , J Crank , C Neff 2 , J Duckworth 2 ,B Adams 2 , P Parks , C Ruffier

E: J Crank, D Stertzbaugh, P Parks

Louisville Leopards Varsity Pitching

J Duckworth155.063127058.7%
D Stertzbaugh31.014230047.2%
Loss: D Stertzbaugh
Pitches-Strikes: J Duckworth 92-54, D Stertzbaugh 36-17
Groundouts-Flyouts: J Duckworth 3-6, D Stertzbaugh 2-1
First-pitch strikes-Batters faced: J Duckworth 14-26, D Stertzbaugh 4-8

Stow Bulldogs Varsity Batting

M Urban411101
B Reginald310002
K Schorra410102
A Hurd312100
B Groves300011
A Damschroder200011
G Greco301000
D Garner000010
B Geopfert100000
C Choler100000
2B: A Hurd
TB: M Urban, A Hurd 3, Gulley, G Greco, Kolke 2
RBI: M Urban, K Schorra, A Hurd, Gulley
ROE: K Schorra, Gulley, B Groves
SB: B Reginald, Gulley
Quality At Bats

Team Total: 15 (44.12%)

M Urban , B Reginald , K Schorra 3 , A Hurd 3 , Gulley 3 , B Groves 2 ,A Damschroder , Kolke

E: Gulley 3, M Urban, A Haynes
DP: A Damschroder, M Urban

Stow Bulldogs Varsity Pitching

A Haynes165.175222063.5%
A Barry20.210002062.5%
J Taylor31.000013060.0%
Win: J Taylor
Wild Pitch: A Haynes
Pitches-Strikes: A Haynes 104-66, A Barry 16-10, J Taylor 20-12
Groundouts-Flyouts: A Haynes 5-6, A Barry 0-0, J Taylor 0-0
First-pitch strikes-Batters faced: A Haynes 17-26, A Barry 1-3, J Taylor 4-4

Records: Louisville 15-6

NEXT UP: The Leopards will next travel to Canton Central Catholic to take on the Crusaders on Monday, May 7 at 4:30 PM.

JV: Did Not Play

FRESHMAN GAME 1: Canton South 7, Louisville 5

FRESHMAN GAME 2: Louisville 12, Canton South 6

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