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Leopards Shutout Aviators, Take Control of NBC

Riley Groves Louisville Leopards Vs. Alliance Aviators

Game-Winning Hit in JV

Louisville 1, Alliance 0

Riley Groves threw a two-hit shutout and Pavin Parks delivered the game-winning RBI in the sixth to lead the Leopards past the Aviators 1-0.  The shutout is the Leopards third straight against the Aviators dating back to last season.  Louisville is now 5-0 in the league and alone in first place after Canton South’s extra inning loss to West Branch Tuesday.

Mike Kelly also had three hits and Jon Crank two more offensively for the 8-2 Leopards.



Box Score

Team 123-456-7–R-H-E

Louisville 000-001-0–1-6-0

Alliance 000-000-0–0-2-0

Louisville Leopards Varsity Batting

K White300011
R Groves400001
M Kelly413001
J Crank402000
J Duckworth300003
G Yoder300002
J Hughes201011
P Parks100111
C Ruffier100020
TB: M Kelly 3, J Crank 2, J Hughes
RBI: P Parks
S: P Parks
CS: K White
Quality At Bats

Team Total: 12 (38.71%)

K White , R Groves , M Kelly 2 , J Crank , J Duckworth , G Yoder , J Hughes ,P Parks 3 , C Ruffier

Louisville Leopards Varsity Pitching

R Groves217.020019067.4%
Win: R Groves
Pitches-Strikes: R Groves 86-58
Groundouts-Flyouts: R Groves 4-7
First-pitch strikes-Batters faced: R Groves 13-23

Alliance Aviators Varsity Batting

K Phillips300002
S Cundiff300000
M Pisanello301001
J Grimes300001
D Minnich200002
H Cannon100010
M Whitaker201001
A Butera200001
Z Wyss200001
L Ince100000
TB: M Pisanello, M Whitaker
SB: H Cannon
PO: M Whitaker
Quality At Bats

Team Total: 7 (30.43%)

K Phillips 2 , H Cannon 2 , M Whitaker 2 , Z Wyss

Alliance Aviators Varsity Pitching

N Rice175.251159059.7%
M Pisanello41.110001070.6%
Loss: N Rice
Wild Pitch: N Rice
Pitches-Strikes: N Rice 119-71, M Pisanello 17-12
Groundouts-Flyouts: N Rice 5-2, M Pisanello 1-2
First-pitch strikes-Batters faced: N Rice 11-26, M Pisanello 1-5

Records: Louisville 8-2, 5-0, Alliance

NEXT UP: The Leps will next host the Alliance Aviators on Thursday, April 12 at 4:30 PM.  JV will play at Alliance during the same time.





Louisville 12, Alliance 11

Connor Zwick hit a walk-off bases loaded single in the bottom of the seventh to help lift Louisville to a Beatty's Sports Baseball Shirt 2012 Spring Sports Logoswild 12-11 win over Alliance.

The Leopards scored eight runs in the second inning to take a 9-3 lead before Alliance inched back and took an 11-9 lead in the sixth.  Zach Schaffner and Zwick each scored on wild pitches to tie the game in the bottom of the sixth before Louisville won it in the seventh.

Zwick finished the night going 3-for-4 at the plate with 3 RBI’s.  Riley Graybeal, Joe Crank, and Schaffner also had two hits a piece for the 6-4, 4-1 JV Leopards.




FRESHMAN BASEBALL: Louisville 5, Tuslaw 4


Team 123-456-7–R-H-E

Alliance 214-103-0–11-12-4

Louisville 180-002-1–12-11-5

Louisville Leopards JV Batting

R Graybeal422210
J Crank422011
Z Schaffner320120
C Zwick423310
T Butera311000
C Hahn211001
A Nelson312200
C Wilson300002
C Leeders110001
Z Sims100011
M Lautner200000
J Agnone100000
V Knebl000000
TB: R Graybeal 2, J Crank 2, C Zwick 3, T Butera, C Hahn, A Nelson 2
RBI: R Graybeal 2, Z Schaffner, C Zwick 3, A Nelson 2
S: T Butera
ROE: Z Schaffner, C Zwick, M Lautner
HBP: C Leeders, V Knebl
SB: R Graybeal
Quality At Bats

Team Total: 18 (45.00%)

R Graybeal 2 , J Crank , Z Schaffner , C Zwick 5 , T Butera 3 , C Hahn ,A Nelson 3 , C Leeders , Z Sims

E: J Crank, A Nelson, R Graybeal, Z Schaffner 2
DP: T Butera, C Zwick

Louisville Leopards JV Pitching

Z Schaffner72.187622056.9%
C Zwick113.244314061.7%
Z Sims31.000001066.7%
Win: Z Sims
Hit batters: C Zwick
Wild Pitch: Z Schaffner 3
Pitches-Strikes: Z Schaffner 72-41, C Zwick 60-37, Z Sims 9-6
Groundouts-Flyouts: Z Schaffner 2-1, C Zwick 4-2, Z Sims 0-2
First-pitch strikes-Batters faced: Z Schaffner 4-17, C Zwick 10-18, Z Sims 1-3

Alliance Aviators JV Batting

J Hammerton411010
D Dickson511002
N Strata432100
S McConnell333210
M Unckrich101100
N Skidmore401302
W Oesch300100
T Thomas402100
L Stone110011
D Gill211100
N Niner100001
L Williamson010000
A Fagan100001
2B: M Unckrich, N Skidmore, T Thomas
3B: S McConnell
TB: J Hammerton, D Dickson, N Strata 2, S McConnell 5, M Unckrich 2,N Skidmore 2, T Thomas 3, D Gill
RBI: N Strata, S McConnell 2, M Unckrich, N Skidmore 3, W Oesch, T Thomas,D Gill
SF: W Oesch
ROE: J Hammerton, N Strata, W Oesch 2
HBP: D Gill
GIDP: T Thomas
SB: J Hammerton, N Strata 2, S McConnell, T Thomas
Quality At Bats

Team Total: 16 (42.11%)

J Hammerton 2 , D Dickson 2 , N Strata , S McConnell 3 , M Unckrich ,N Skidmore , W Oesch , T Thomas 3 , L Stone , D Gill


E: M Unckrich, N Strata, J Hammerton, D Gill

Alliance Aviators JV Pitching

J Hammerton93.089403065.3%
N Niner93.022233057.9%
N Strata0011130031.6%
Loss: N Strata
Blown Save: N Strata
Hit batters: J Hammerton, N Niner
Wild Pitch: J Hammerton 3, N Niner 4
Pitches-Strikes: J Hammerton 72-47, N Niner 57-33, N Strata 19-6
Groundouts-Flyouts: J Hammerton 6-0, N Niner 5-1, N Strata 0-0
First-pitch strikes-Batters faced: J Hammerton 10-20, N Niner 11-16,N Strata 1-4

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