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Rivalry with Marlington Gets Stingier with Rap Battle


The up-and-coming rivalry between Marlington and Louisville keeps getting hotter and hotter.  After A. Hizzle released the parody Black and Orange for the Marlington basketball team, Louisville’s own J Money countered with a Blue and White parody of his own.

Both songs are parodies of Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow” hit song based on the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Since the songs release, Youtube and other websites have been littered with alternate versions of the song with lyrics that fit the writer’s color scheme of choice.  The most popular of these parodies was Lil’ Wayne’s “Green and Yellow” countering song that he wrote for the Steelers’ Super bowl XLV opponent, the Green Bay Packers.

But, the parodies have obviously reached the local level as well.  J Money, also known as Jeff Stover a sophomore student who plays the snare drum in the Louisville High School band, says he realized that Louisville needed a song to counter Marlington’s popular rap.  “When I saw A-Hizzle’s Duke Version, I realized there wasn’t one for Louisville, so I figured I might as well make one.  I had no idea that it would get as big as it did.”  The song has received quite a few hits, with 1200+ views in a little over a week’s span.

J Money composed and performed the song in his own closet because it turns out that it is a great place to record vocals.  “It took about 3 hours, on and off. The lyrics weren’t hard to compose. Generally, I would just replay the song and kinda freestyled it. If I liked something I said, I’d write it down in a notepad and presto, Blue and White was born,” Stover said.

However, Marlington’s A. Hizzle insists that their is no rap battle and refused to comment on the matter.  His song was only meant for the Dukes basketball team, but still contains the lyrics, “What’s a Duke anyway? Answer that. What’s a Leopard to a Duke? Pussycat.”

“Now that they won one year against Louisville in football they think they’re the best,” J Money commented. “With the addition of my rap, the aggression between the Leopards and the Dukes has increased.  So, there is no doubt that this will be much worse than the rivalry with Northwest.”

Rap battle or not, these two teams will be battling for the top spot in the NBC in nearly every sport, including a grudge match in football on September 16.


Blue & White

A. Hizzle’s Duke Version

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