Louisville Leopards Football History

Louisville Leopards Football 2007 Regional Championship Trophy Plaque

Louisville Leopards Varsity Football History

19241000H.J. Shoemaker
1925810H.J. Shoemaker
1926621H.J. Shoemaker
1927801H.J. Shoemaker
1928910H.E. “Peg” Wilson
1929333H.E. “Peg” Wilson
1930343H.E. “Peg” Wilson
1931721H.E. “Peg” Wilson
1932730H.E. “Peg” Wilson420
1933532H.E. “Peg” Wilson321
1934370H.E. “Peg” Wilson250
1935262H.E. “Peg” Wilson142
1936351Harry Strobel141
1937333Wayne Ashbaugh123
1938711Wayne Ashbaugh501
1939441Wayne Ashbaugh231
1940631Wayne Ashbaugh411
1941900Wayne Ashbaugh600
1942810Wayne Ashbaugh510
1943630Wayne Ashbaugh420
1944351Wayne Ashbaugh231
1945810Wayne Ashbaugh600
1946441Wayne Ashbaugh231
1947622Mike Lecholop420
1948801James Morgan600
1949900James Morgan600
1950620James Morgan420
1951441Albert Mazzaferro330
1952170Albert Mazzaferro060
1953441Ralph Staub231
1954342Ralph Staub231
1955810James Morgan510
1956261James Morgan141
1957640James Morgan430
1958550James Morgan430
1959721James Morgan511
1960280Hap Lillick250
1961550Hap Lillick430
1962901Hap Lillick601
1963910Hap Lillick700
19641000Hap Lillick700
19651000Paul Starkey700
19661000Paul Starkey700
1967370Paul Starkey
1968730Paul Starkey530
1969640Paul Starkey530
1970820Paul Starkey620
19711000Paul Starkey800
1972820Paul Starkey620
1973820Paul Starkey620
1974910Paul Starkey710
1975721Paul Starkey321
1976640Paul Starkey330
1977901Paul Starkey600
1978910Paul Starkey600
1979550Paul Starkey330
1980631Paul Starkey420
1981910Paul Starkey600
1982550Paul Starkey240
1983550Paul Starkey430
1984640Paul Starkey430
1985460Doug Schwall150
1986190Doug Schwall060
1987280Doug Schwall160
1988370Rick Crislip160
1989370Rick Crislip250
1990730Rick Crislip520
1991920Rick Crislip610
19921210Rick Crislip700
19931010Rick Crislip700
1994820Rick Crislip610
1995730Rick Crislip520
1996820Rick Crislip610
1997550Rick Crislip430
1998550Rick Crislip520
1999740Rick Crislip520
2000830Paul Farrah610
2001830Paul Farrah610
20021110Paul Farrah700
2003750Paul Farrah610
2004930Paul Farrah520
20051210Paul Farrah700
2006550Paul Farrah430
20071230Paul Farrah610
20081210Paul Farrah700
20091010Paul Farrah700
2010730John Demarco610
2011640John Demarco520
2012550John Demarco340
20131010John Demarco700
2014920John Demarco700
20151020John Demarco700
2016730John Demarco610
2017550John Demarco520
2018640John Demarco
2019550Jeff Twiddy
2020270Troy Davis
TOTAL63930035 38616518
Independent703691924-1931, 1967, 2018-20   

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