Top Memory #6 Football Dominates to Win NBC Back-to-Back

Louisville Leopards Football 600th Victory

#6 Football Dominates to Win NBC Back-to-Back

Only the 2007 State Runner-up Louisville Leopards scored more points than last year’s Varsity Football team. The 2007 squad scored 496 points in 15 games (33 points per game) and the 2014 team scored 446 points in 11 games (41 points per game).

Louisville breezed by the competition by outscoring all opponents by an average score of 41-15 and Beatty's Football Shirt 2015NBC opposition 50-14. They racked up 425 points in the regular season in falling just shy of the 1965 team who scored a school record 427 points in their 10 game season.

The Leopards took full advantage of the OHSAA’s new mercy that runs the clock non-stop if one team takes a 30+ point lead. The rule took effect in 7 of Louisville’s 11 games and in 6 of their 7 league opponents. Without this rule, the Leopards would have likely surpassed the regular season scoring mark set by the 1965 team.

In addition, Louisville sportsmanship was shown its brightest during the Alliance game. The Leopards had already racked up the school record for points in a single half in taking a 56-7 advantage with 5:26 left in the second quarter. Later, Louisville marched to the 1 yard line with under a minute to go and elected to let the time run out rather than push ahead for another scored.

The Leopards would finish the regular season 9-1 and go undefeated in the NBC for the second straight season. However, their season would end at the hands of the Poland Seminary Bulldogs 41-21 in the opening round the state playoffs.

With many underclassman returning, the 2015 Louisville Leopards look to return for another NBC Title and a deeper playoff run.

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