Protect Leopard Tradition, Without Raising Your Taxes

Issue 34 Louisville Levy Not a New Tax

Issue 34 is a Five-year Substitute Levy that ensures current homeowners’ taxes remain the same, even if property values rise. Its purpose is to fund the costs linked to surging student enrollment from new community growth through revenue from new construction. Failing to renew this levy would necessitate a significant $1.8 Million in budget cuts, harming our children and the quality of education the district provides.

Currently, Louisville City Schools ranks among the lowest 5% for per-pupil spending out of 606 public districts in Ohio and the bottom 3% for administrator spending per pupil. Renewing this levy is essential for maintaining and enhancing the educational experience for our students Voting for Issue 34:

● Sustains current class sizes and staffing levels
● Keeps our present levels of busing, protecting high school bus routes and other routes under 2 miles.
● Freezes the Pay to Participate fees and keeps the individual and family caps in place.
● Allows the district to continue to offer the quality classes and programs our community has come to expect and that our kids deserve!

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