All Leopards Sports Will be DI for Next Two Seasons Except Football


The OHSAA Board of Directors met in Columbus on Thursday, August 8 and revealed the enrollment breakdown of both Winter and Spring Sports in additional to the already announced breakdown for Fall Athletics.

As a result of the new breakdowns, Louisville will be in Division I for every sport except football. The Beatty's Sports Leopard Skin Grey HoodieLeopards are the biggest school in Division III for football because of the new seven division breakdown. No other OHSAA sport has more than four divisions

Below you can see the enrollment breakdown for the state in each of the Leopards different sports. You can also see our enrollment figures which is 401 boys and 385 girls. The difference column shows how far away from the DI-DII cutoff Louisville was for the 2013-14 and 2014-15 school years.

Boys Swimming was the closest to making it into Division II as it missed the cutoff by a single boy. Boys Golf was 102 boys over the DI-DII cutoff, which was the highest of any Leopards sport. Sports moving from Division II to Division I this season include Baseball, Boys Soccer, Boys Swimming, and Wrestling.

SportDI BreakdownEnrollmentDifference
Baseball372 or more401+29
Basketball (Boys)370 or more401+31
Basketball (Girls)342 or more385+43
Cross Country*324.5 or more393+68.5
Golf (Boys)299 or more401+102
Golf (Girls)301 or more385+84
Soccer (Boys)377 or more401+24
Soccer (Girls)354 or more385+31
Softball351 or more385+34
Swimming (Boys)400 or more401+1
Swimming (Girls)340 or more385+45
Tennis (Boys)335 or more401+66
Tennis (Girls)321 or more385+64
Track (Boys)*TBA 9/5401TBA
Track (Girls)*TBA 9/5385TBA
Volleyball344 or more385+41
Wrestling (Team)382 or more401+19
Wrestling (Individual)385 or more401+16

* For Cross Country you take the average between both boys and girls. Thus the average of 401+385 is 393.

* Track may follow the same format as Cross Country, but those division breakdowns have yet to be announced.

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