Wooster Generals at Louisville Leopards Football Scrimmage Highlights

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Wooster 3, Louisville 2

The Louisville Leopards faced off against the visiting Wooster Generals in scrimmage action Saturday Morning at Louisville Leopards Stadium. The Generals won the scrimmage by a deceiving score of 3-2.

The reason the final score is deceiving is a sequence of Leopard defensive plays that did not factor into the final tally. Each team scored on their first possession and Wooster took over from their own 35 for their second possession. On the first play of the drive, Defensive Back Dillon Rebuck made a stop in the backfield for a 1 yard loss and then made the next two tackles as well. The Generals still managed to get a first down, but three plays later a pass fell incomplete on third down and they reverted back to their own 35.

Wooster fumbled in the backfield and the ball skipped forward before Linebacker Jimmy Ashcraft fell on it at the 35. On the very next play, a Generals pass to the right side of the field was picked off by Defensive Back Max Hartline at the 41 yard line. Being the nature of the scrimmage, Wooster retained possession. 12 plays and 65 yards later, their Quarterback scored on a 20 yard draw. So while the Generals did score on their second possession, it really took them 4 separate possessions and 20 plays to put the ball into the endzone against the Leopards defense.

Louisville scored on both of their first two offensive possessions. Just like in the intersquad scrimmage, Hartline took a handoff on their first play and ran to his left for 17 yards. Two plays later, a 22 yard completion from Quarterback Colton Jones to Wide Receiver Ryan Pukys down the right sideline was wiped out by a holding call. It didn’t matter though, because Jones connected with Bryce Zuppe who used bubble screen blocks from Ezekiel Changet and Pukys to convert the 2nd-and-18 for a gain of 24.

Two more Jones to Zuppe completions followed putting the Leopards at the Wooster 13. Hartline ran for a gain of 12 on the next play. On 3rd-and-goal, Hartline followed the blocking of Cameron Norquest and Jacob Urick to go untouched into the endzone from a yard away. That capped a 9 play, 65 yard LHS scoring drive.

Louisville also scored on their second possession. Runningback Nathan Guiley ran to the left for 16 yards to get the Leopards across midfield to the Wooster 35. Three plays later, Jones hit Wide Receiver Broc Pickens to convert a 3rd-and-8 to the Generals 22. Jones then ran for a first down on 3rd-and-11 and ran the other way for another 10 yards to setup Louisville 1st-and-Goal at the 1 yard line. The Wooster defense stopped the Leopard offense on the first three plays, but defensive pass interference was called on the first fourth down attempt. Finally, Jones ran it in on 4th-and-Goal from the 1 with ease courtesy of blocks by Kennedy and Lineman Josh Stafford. That ended a 15 play, 65 yard march.

Wooster scored on all three of their possessions, but also turned the ball over 4 times (twice on downs, twice on giveaways). The Generals final scoring drive did go without a turnover as they travelled 65 yards on 11 plays. Louisville’s final drive featured what appeared to be the second string offense. They had trouble moving the ball against the Wooster Varsity defense and failed to get a first down on 3 separate series. 

JV: Louisville 0, Wooster 0

Each team ran one 10-play possession. Leopards Defensive Lineman Gabe Campbell recovered a fumble on the second play of Wooster’s opening series. The Louisville defense would allow the Generals only 13 yards on 10 plays before taking over.

The Leopards offense had more success moving the ball. Daniel Kennedy ran the ball up the gut for a gain of 11 on their first offensive play. Quarterback Tyler Jackson also ran the ball to the right for 10 yards to put Louisville across midfield. The LHS drive ended with a 37 yard completion from Jackson to Wide Receiver Clayton Elder before he was tackled on the Wooster 2 yard line. This was the 10th play of the drive and thus the end of the scrimmage. 

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UP NEXT: The Leopards will next travel to Archbishop Hoban to take on the Knights in their final scrimmage on Thursday, August 16. Freshman will begin around 4:30 PM and Varsity will start at 7:00 PM. 

Wooster Generals at Louisville Leopards Football Pictures

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Drive Summary

Wooster – 1st Possession

3 Plays, 5 Yards
Ended on 3rd Down 

7 Plays, 65 Yards
Ended with 27 Yard Touchdown Pass | LHS 0, WHS 1

Louisville – 1st Possession

9 Plays, 65 Yards
Ended with Max Hartline 1 Yard Touchdown run | LHS 1, WHS 1

Wooster – 2nd Possession

6 Plays, 11 Yards
Ended on 3rd Down Incompletion

1 Play, -2 Yards
Ended with Jim Ashcraft Fumble Recovery

1 Play, 0 Yards
Ended with Max Hartline Interception

12 Plays, 65 Yards
Ended with #1 20 Yard Touchdown Run | LHS 1, WHS 2

Louisville – 2nd Possession

15 Plays, 65 Yards
Ended with Colton Jones 1 Yard Touchdown Run | LHS 2, WHS 2

Wooster – 3rd Possession

11 Plays, 65 Yards
Ended with #1 1 Yard Touchdown Run | LHS 2, WHS 3

Louisville – 3rd Possession

3 Plays, 7 Yards
Ended on 3rd Down Incompletion

4 Plays, 2 Yards
Ended on 4th Down High Snap Blown Dead

3 Plays, 0 Yards
Ended on 3rd Down Incompletion

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