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Voice of Leopards Baseball Austin Shaheen

When you hear the announcer at Leopards Baseball games you may expect it to be an old alumni, a parent, or even one of the high school players, but the voice of Leopards Baseball is in fact 14-year-old Austin Shaheen.

Leopards’ baseball had a few volunteers tryout their announcing skills, but the search for an announcer continued on.  That is until Louisville Alumni and current wide receiver for the Boston College Eagles told Leopards Varsity Baseball Head Coach Jason Siegfried about Austin’s skills.  “He mentioned to Jay I was pretty good, so then he asked me and I’ve done it ever since,” Shaheen said.

The pick was no accident as broadcasting runs deep in Shaheen’s lineage.  His grandfather has been on the radio for years and continues his role as Freddy the Frog every Sunday morning on Rock 106.9 FM.  Although it runs in his roots, broadcasting is not Shaheen’s first love, “I want be a head coach at a higher level in football. I am a sports nut.”

Not only does he attend and announce games, but he also plays three sports as well.  This past year, he played linebacker in Little Leopards for the Browns, was a big man on the eighth grade basketball team, and is currently playing for the Louisville 14U Summer Baseball team.

Even with all the sports, Shaheen finds balance and excels at each.  In football he recorded eight sacks and scooped a fumble for a score, on the hardwood he plays nearly every position, and this year in baseball he has gone 12-for-25 at the plate and leads his team in stolen bases.

Shaheen has just recently completed his stint at Louisville Middle School and will be attending Louisville High School this Fall.  If your looking for Austin you’ll most likely find him on the court, on the diamond, and on the turf under the lights during the next four years, but if you want to hear Austin listen carefully during Leopards’ Baseball next spring.