Leopards Spring Sport Athletes Honored At Awards Night

Louisville Leopards 3 Sport Award Winners 2013

Louisville Leopards Athletes were honored at the Spring Sports Awards Night Thursday evening at LHS.

The evening was highlighted by the Lady Leopards Softball team presenting their District Runner-Up plaque to Principle Steve Milano. Softball as well as Boys Tennis Beatty's Sports Spring Sports 2013brought home NBC Championships this Spring to round out the team awards.

Individually, Louisville had two athletes who worked the maximum in playing three sports in all four of their years at LHS. Those athletes were Jordan Monnot and Mackenzie Rankin. Monnot also became just the fourth player in school history to letter in and win a league title in three different sports during the same school year. I personally deem this the Leopard Nation award. LHS Athletes who have accomplished this feat are as follows:

  • 2010-11 – Alyssa Jones (Volleyball, Basketball, Track)
  • 2010-11 – Brooke Mathie (Cross Country, Tennis, Track)
  • 2011-12 – Clara Lemmon (Cross Country, Basketball, Track)
  • 2012-13 – Jordan Monnot (Volleyball, Basketball, Softball)

Three Louisville Athletes also earned NBC Player of the Year Awards. They included Gianna Falcone (Softball), Jake Pukys (Tennis), and Mackenzie Rankin (Track). Softball Head Coach Chet Givens also took the Coach of the Year Award in the NBC.

Softball also had two district award winners in Falcone (1st Team) and Chandler Rice (2nd Team). Boys Tennis equaled that total in All-County Selections that included Pukys (1st Team) and Adam Sullivan (2nd Team).

Altogether Louisville had 47 Spring Sports Scholar Athletes, 29 Three-Sport Award Winners, 29 NBC Award Winners, 4 District/County Award Winners, and 73 Letter Winners. All of these winners can be viewed below the pictures.

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Below is a list of All-NBC Award Winners for each sport, District Award Winners, Team Award Winners, and Scholar Athlete Award Winners:



1st Team: Riley Groves, Pavin Parks

2nd Team: Kyle White

Honorable Mention: Joey Duckworth, Jordan Hughes


Player of the Year: Gianna Falcone

Coach of the Year: Chet Givens

1st Team: Katie Cozy, Gianna Falcone, Chandler Rice

2nd Team: Amy Hoover, Shelby Swigert, Annie Woolf

Honorable Mention: Brooke Cox, Jordan Monnot

Tennis (Boys)

Player of the Year: Jake Pukys

Coach of the Year: 

1st Team: Jake Pukys, Adam Sullivan

2nd Team: Alex Hall, Nick Knebl, Ryan Shepherd

Honorable Mention: Vic Knebl, Hunter Williams

Track (Boys)

1st Team: Nick Thomas (1600 m Run)

Honorable Mention: Mitch Cavalier, Sebastian Swartz

Track (Girls)

Player of the Year: Mackenzie Rankin

1st Team: Mackenzie Rankin (Long Jump, 100 m Hurdles, 300 m Hurdles, 3200 m Run)

2nd Team: Adriana Beaver (4×100 m relay), Bethany Beaver, Courtney Guiley, Lizzy Mont

Honorable Mention: Audre Gonda, Devin Kring

Louisville All-District/All-County Honors

Softball (All-District)

1st Team: Gianna Falcone

2nd Team: Chandler Rice

Tennis (Boys) (All-County)

1st Team: Jake Pukys

2nd Team: Adam Sullivan

Three Sport Award Winners

1st Year: Jake Adams, Kyle Ashcraft, Adriana Beaver, Tanner Brahler, Trevor Burk, Daichi Castles, Dalton Deckerd, Terry Gooch, Riley Graybeal, Alex Hall, Brock Haren, Jarett Heater, Grace Jackson, Stephen Kerzan, Isaac Mathie, Reis Rankin, Frances Zwick

2nd Year: Joe Crank, John DiAntonio, Hannah Hull, Anthony Kirkbride, Pavin Parks, Walter Schrock

3rd Year: Alex Hollifield, Sebastian Swartz, Christina Yu

4th Year: Jon Grimm, Jordan Monnot, Mackenzie Rankin

Louisville Scholar Athletes

Baseball: Joe Crank, Riley Groves, Jordan Hughes, Stephen Kerzan, Jeremy McQuilkin, Zach Schaffner, Garrett Yoder

Softball: Amy Hoover, Keri Hupp, Jordan Monnot, Chandler Rice, Kylie Zifer

Tennis (Boys): Andrew Hall, Nicholas Knebl, Jacob Pukys, Ryan Shepherd, Adam Sullivan

Track (Boys): Mitch Cavalier, Robert Cuenot, John DiAntonio, Chase Fomich, Nick Gnes, Austin Hallas, P L, Andrew Milburn, Austin Russell, Kobie Shepard, Sebastian Swartz, Nick Thomas, Ben Tornow

Track (Girls): Olivia Basso, Bethany Beaver, Amanda Blyer, Samantha Gronow, Courtney Guiley, Lindsay Hall, Hannah Hull, Sarah Jaroszyk, Vanessa Katich, Isabel Kiko, Devin Kring, Lizzy Mont, Mackenzie Rankin, Mykah Ulrich, Katherine Wolfe, Tina Yu, Frances Zwick

Letter Winners


3-Year: Joey Duckworth, Riley Groves

2-Year: Alex Hollifield, Jordan Hughes, Pavin Parks, Kyle White, Garrett Yoder

1-Year: Joe Crank, Stephen Kerzan, Jeremy McQuilkin, Adam O’brien, Zach Schaffner, Zach Shea


4-Year: Chandler Rice, Shelby Swigert

3-Year: Brooke Cox, Gianna Falcone, Amy Hoover, Jordan Monnot, Annie Woolf

2-Year: Katie Cozy

1-Year: Emily Cantley, Keri Hupp, Lexi Givens, Kylie Zifer

Tennis (Boys)

3-Year: Adam Sullivan

2-Year: Ryan Shepherd

1-Year: Alexander Hall, Andrew Hall, Nick Knebl, Vic Knebl, Jake Pukys, Kyle Robinson, Hunter Williams

Track (Boys)

2-Year: Mitch Cavalier, Jeremy Geyer, Nick Gnes, Austin Hallas, Eric Hampe, P L, Brady Menegay, Lee Shallenberger, Sebastian Swartz, Nick Thomas

1-Year: Elijah Capstick, Robert Cuenot, John DiAntonio, Chase Fomich, Jon Grimm, Andrew Milburn, Austin Russell


4-Year: Bethany Beaver, Mackenzie Rankin

3-Year: Olivia Basso, Courtney Guiley, Lindsay Hall, Sarah Jaroszyk

2-Year: Haley Bradley, Samantha Gronow, Hannah Hull, Katherine Wolfe, Hannah Yeagley

1-Year: Adriana Beaver, Amanda Blyer, Audre Gonda, Vanessa Katich, Isabel Kiko, Devin Kring, Lizzy Mont, Mykah Ulrich, Shelby Vacha, Tina Yu, Frances Zwick

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