Leopards Drop to Division II in Several Fall & Winter Sports


The OHSAA Board of Directors approved and released the enrollment division breakdown of all Fall Sports as well as basketball this week. Louisville dropped to Division II in 5 of the 10 sports that have been announced (Note this does not count football which remained in DIII, see Football Breakdown Article).

The Leopards will drop down to Division II in Basketball (both Boys & Girls), Soccer (both Boys & Girls), NBC Champions T-Shirt Boys Basketball 2014-15 Beatty's Sportsand Volleyball. Louisville will be the biggest school in both Boys & Girls Soccer as they snuck under the Division I cut-off by one student. The Leopards are easily in Division II in Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, & Volleyball as all three sports were 19 students under the Division I enrollment cut-off.

Louisville will remain in Division I for Cross Country (both Boys & Girls), Golf (both Boys & Girls), and Tennis (Girls). In all of these sports the Leopards easily cleared the Division I mark.

Spring Sports and many of the Winter sports have yet to be announced. Below you can see a breakdown of divisions for each Leopards Sports and how far away they were from the Division I Cut-Off. Enrollment figures have Louisville at 369 Boys and 351 Girls for the 2015-16 and 2016-17 Seasons. In addition, you can see a breakdown of enrollment figures for each sport announced below:

SportDivisionEnrollmentDI Cut Difference
Basketball (Boys)DII369-19
Basketball (Girls)DII351-19
Cross Country*DI360+30
Golf (Boys)DI369+86
Golf (Girls)DI351+56
Soccer (Boys)DII369-1
Soccer (Girls)DII351-1
Swimming (Boys)TBA369
Swimming (Girls)TBA351
Tennis (Boys)TBA369
Tennis (Girls)DI351+30
Track (Boys)TBA
Track (Girls)TBA
Wrestling (Team)TBA
Wrestling (Individual)TBA

* For Cross Country you take the average between both boys and girls. Thus the average of 369+351 is 360.

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Division Breakdown By Enrollment for 2015-16 & 2016-17

Basketball (Boys)

   I388 and more200
   II201 to 387199
   III116 to 200198
   IV115 and less202
Total Teams799

Basketball (Girls)

   I370 and more196
   II196 to 369197
   III110 to 195200
   IV109 and less196
Total Teams789

Cross Country



   I330 and more213
   II166 to 329210
   III165 and less218
Total Teams641

Golf (Boys)

   I283 and more217
   II145 to 282216
   III144 and less216
Total Teams649

Golf (Girls)

   I295 and more150
   II294 and less152
  Total Teams302

Soccer (Boys)

   I370 and more189
   II185 to 369191
   III184 and less191
Total Teams571

Soccer (Girls)

   I352 and more174
   II184 to 351175
   III183 and less173
Total Teams522

Tennis (Girls)

   I321 and more198
   II320 and less199
Total Teams397


   I370 and more196
   II196 to 369198
   III111 to 195198
   IV110 and less198
Total Teams790

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