Spring Sports Awards & Honors 2015

Louisville Leopards Spring Sports Scholar Athletes 2015

Louisville High School honored their Spring Sports Athletes Tuesday Night. These students earned awards both for their hard work on the field and in the classroom.

Altogether the Leopards won 3 Outright NBC Championships this Spring in Softball, Boys Tennis, and Beatty's Sports Louisville Leopards Softball Shirt 2015Girls Track. Conference Player Awards were highlighted by Grace Jackson winning Player of the Year for the NBC in Softball and Jake Pukys winning Player of the Year in Boys Tennis. Softball Head Coach Chet Givens also won Coach of the Year and Rod Hall also claimed Coach of the Year in Boys Tennis.

You can see all the Spring Sports Award Winners listed out below.

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Below are District, County, NBC, Team, and Scholar Athlete Award Winners. If you see any errors, anyone missing, or any awards not listed please email us at: louisvilleleopards.org@gmail.com

District Awards


2nd Team: Grace Jackson

Honorable Mention: Katie Cozy

County Awards

Tennis (Boys)

1st Team Singles: Jake Pukys



1st Team: Joe Crank

2nd Team: Jake Adams, Alex Hewitt

Honorable Mention: Tyler Adams, Adam Nyland


Player of the Year: Grace Jackson

Coach of the Year: Chet Givens

1st Team: Emily Cantley, Katie Cozy, Grace Jackson

2nd Team: Kirsten Wharmby, Kylie Zifer

Honorable Mention: Lexi Givens, Morgan Harris

Tennis (Boys)

Coach of the Year: Rod Hall

Player of the Year: Jake Pukys

1st Team: Alex Hall, Jake Pukys, Kyle Robinson

2nd Team: Ryan Richards, Kyle Shepherd

Honorable Mention: Zach Eddins, Asa Herron

Track (Boys)

1st Team: Nick Chaplik (800 & 4×800 Relay), Noah Chaplik (3200 & 4×800 Relay), Zach Fresenko (4×800 Relay), Noah Murray (4×800 Relay), Ben Tornow (1600)

2nd Team: Noah Chaplik (800), Zach Freseko (3200)

Honorable Mention: Terry Gooch (Discus), Seth Gronow (1600 Run), Walter Schrock (100 Dash)

Track (Girls)

1st Team: Abbey Anderson (4×400 Relay), Adriana Beaver (4×200 Relay) Heather Guiley (4×400 Relay), Devin Kring (300 Hurdles, 4×200 Relay, 4×400 Relay) Hailey Miller (High Jump, 4×200 Relay, 4×400 Relay), Alexis Shearer (4×200)

Honorable Mention: Brianna Horton, Georgia Kiko

Team Awards

Tennis (Boys)

Rookie of the Year: Ryan Richards

Most Improved: Jake Pukys

Sportsmanship Award: Asa Herron

Greg Parrish Heart of a Leopard Award: Alex Hall

Track (Boys)

Team MVP’s: Nick Chaplik & Noah Chaplik

Top Distance: Ben Tornow

Top Mid-Distance: Logan Skolosh

Top Hurdler: Brandon Reynolds

Top Sprinter: Walter Schrock

Top Field: Terry Gooch

Top Newcomer: Seth Gronow

Coaches Award: Cole Weston, Kevin Lewis

Track (Girls)

Top Field: Mykah Ulrich

Top Distance Runner: Shelby Vacha

Top Mid-Distance: Hailey Miller

Top Sprinter: Alexis Shearer

Top Hurdler: Brynn Guist

Team MVP: Devin Kring

Most Improved: Madison Novosel

Top Newcomer: Heather Guiley, Abbey Anderson

Coaches Awards: Adriana Beaver, Marlena Evans

Louisville Scholar Athletes

Baseball: Jacob Adams, Tyler Adams, Marco Buccasso, Joe Crank, Alex Hewitt, Stephen Kerzan, Adam Nyland, Reis Rankin, Krisztian Toth

Softball: Emily Cantley, Lexi Givens, Cassidy Glyder, Grace Jackson, Savannah Miner, Kirsten Wharmby, Kylie Zifer

Tennis (Boys): Zach Eddins, Asa Herron, Ryan Richards

Track (Boys): Zach Fresenko, Seth Gronow, Kevin Lewis, Jacob Milburn, Noah Murray, Ben Tornow, Cole Weston

Track (Girls): Abbey Anderson, Marlena Evans, Heather Guiley, Brynn Guist, Brianna Horton, Georgia Kiko, Haley Kiko, Isabel Kiko, Devin Kring, Sarah Lairson, Hailey Miller, Madison Novosel, Kayla Pukys, Mykah Ulrich, Shelby Vacha

Letter Winners


3-Year: Joe Crank, Stephen Kerzan

2-Year: Jake Adams, Marco Buccasso, Dalton Deckerd, Brock Haren, Alex Hewitt

1-Year: Tyler Adams, Brody Hahn, Paul Howard, Adam Nyland, Reis Rankin, Krisztian Toth, Cameron White


4-Year: Katie Cozy

3-Year: Emily Cantley, Lexi Givens, Grace Jackson, Kylie Zifer

2-Year: Morgan Harris, Savannah Miner, Kirsten Wharmby

1-Year: Rylie Bobo, Aliyah English, Leandra Givens, Cassidy Glyder, Ellie Jackson, Peyton McKeever, Rylie Squire

Tennis (Boys)

3-Year: Alex Hall, Jake Pukys, Kyle Robinson

2-Year: Kyle Shepherd

1-Year: Anthony Granitsas, Zach Eddins, Asa Herron, Ryan Richards

Track (Boys)

4-Year: Walter Schrock, Kobie Shephard

3-Year: Brandon Reynolds, Logan Skolosh, Ben Tornow

2-Year: Nick Chaplik, Noah Chaplik, Jacob Cook, Zach Fresenko, Terry Gooch, Jacob Milburn, Dan Phillips

1-Year: Zach Funderburk, Brandon Gray, Seth Gronow, Christian Hendricks, Kevin Lewis, Andrew Marcelli, Dylan Miller, Noah Murray, Logan Riley, Derek Ross, Cole Weston, Rahzul Young, Kyle Zackasee

Varsity Participants: JR Benzel, Kyle Boggs, Korey Bowen, Austin Casto, Andrew Cook, Spencer Dasco, Sean Donnelly, Isiah Hayford, Kyle Lewis, Jarred Nye, Adam Pirie, Jack Strzyzynski, Brad Walker, Curtis Warga, Daniel Wolfe


4-Year: Shelby Vacha, Hannah Yeagley

3-Year: Adriana Beaver, Isabel Kiko, Devin Kring, Mykah Ulrich

2-Year: Ashlee Beaver, Brynn Guist, Georgia Kiko, Sarah Lairson, Hailey Miller, Kayla Pukys, Alexis Shearer

1-Year: Abbey Anderson, Marlena Evans, Heather Guiley, Brianna Horton, Haley Kiko, Madison Novosel, Kamilah Taggart

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