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South Takes Control of NBC After 5-1 Defeat of Leps

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Canton South 5, Louisville 1

Logan Bowles pitched a complete game while striking out 8 and DJ Wilson hit a 2-run homer in the top of the seventh to lead the Canton South Wildcats to a 5-1 win over the Louisville Leopards at the Field of Dreams Wednesday evening.  The win leaves South 10-3 overall and alone in first atop the NBC with a record of 6-1.  Louisville falls to 5-2 in the NBC and 8-4 overall.

Connor Ruffier provided three hits for the Leopards and scored Louisville’s only run in the bottom of the fifth.  Ruffier scored from second on Riley Groves single to center to tie the game at 1-1.

The Leopards missed a huge opportunity an inning before.  In his first game back since his football Beatty's Sports Baseball Shirt 2012 Spring Sports Logosinjury, Chad Neff rocketed the ball to deep right-center field and it found a gap.  Jon Crank, who was on first at the start of the play, stormed around second and headed for third.  Then, he tripped rounding third base before getting up and charging home.  After a high throw from the South, Crank slide feet first for home plate.  When the cloud of dust settled the umpire ruled that the tag was good and Crank was out at home.  So instead of tying the game 1-1 with 1 out and a runner on second, South maintained their slight advantage and perhaps even more importantly got the inning’s second out.

After that Joey Duckworth reached base via an error advancing Neff to third.  Neff then attempted to steal home on a wild pitch,  but his head-first effort came up just short.  He was tagged out by the catcher and the Leopards threat was vanquished.

Despite having little offense, Duckworth gave up just two runs through the first six innings to keep Louisville in the game.  The Sophomore starting pitcher also struck out six Wildcats throughout the contest.

South’s first run of the contest came on Steven Wilson’s RBI single to center that brought home Deonte Settles.  After Louisville tied the game in the fifth, the Wildcats’ Alex Porter scored from third on a wild pitch in the top of the sixth to give them a crucial 2-1 lead.  Canton South would then purchase insurance in the top of the seventh via three runs.  Wilson cracked a two-run home run to right field and Bowles added an RBI single to put Canton South up 5-1.  A key double play in the bottom of the seventh all but ended any hopes of a Leopard rally, giving the Wildcats the game and the NBC lead.

The two teams will rematch today at Canton South for what could very well decide the fate of each team’s NBC Championship aspirations.


Box Score

Team 123-456-7–R-H-E

Canton South 001-001-3–5-9-1

Louisville 000-010-0–1-6-0

Canton South Wildcats Varsity Batting

D Wilson412200
S Wilson311112
L Bowles200010
J Strasser301000
D Wade301002
N Mallen301000
J Costello200002
C Thomson301000
D Settles220010
M Wojtaszek111100
C Stickel100000
2B: N Mallen
HR: D Wilson
TB: D Wilson 5, S Wilson, J Strasser, D Wade, N Mallen 2, C Thomson,M Wojtaszek
RBI: D Wilson 2, S Wilson, M Wojtaszek
S: J Strasser
ROE: L Bowles
FC: D Settles
GIDP: J Strasser, N Mallen
SB: D Wilson, D Settles, M Wojtaszek
Quality At Bats

Team Total: 6 (19.35%)

D Wilson , S Wilson , L Bowles , J Strasser , N Mallen 2

E: J Strasser
DP: D Wade, C Stickel

Canton South Wildcats Varsity Pitching

L Bowles155.051125059.0%
M Wojtaszek62.010013074.1%
Win: L Bowles
Pitches-Strikes: L Bowles 83-49, M Wojtaszek 27-20
Groundouts-Flyouts: L Bowles 3-5, M Wojtaszek 2-0
First-pitch strikes-Batters faced: L Bowles 10-23, M Wojtaszek 6-7

Louisville Leopards Varsity Batting

K White400000
R Groves401101
M Kelly200011
J Crank300001
C Neff201011
J Duckworth301002
G Yoder200011
P Parks300001
C Ruffier313000
A Hollifield000000
2B: C Neff
TB: R Groves, C Neff 2, J Duckworth, C Ruffier 3
RBI: R Groves
ROE: K White
FC: M Kelly
GIDP: K White
SB: A Hollifield
CS: C Neff
Quality At Bats

Team Total: 12 (41.38%)

K White , R Groves 3 , M Kelly , C Neff , J Duckworth 2 , G Yoder 2 , P Parks ,C Ruffier

E: J Crank
DP: M Kelly 2, R Groves 2, J Crank

Louisville Leopards Varsity Pitching

J Duckworth196.185436160.4%
R Groves20.200000033.3%
Loss: J Duckworth
Wild Pitch: J Duckworth 2
Pitches-Strikes: J Duckworth 96-58, R Groves 3-1
Groundouts-Flyouts: J Duckworth 7-4, R Groves 1-0
First-pitch strikes-Batters faced: J Duckworth 17-30, R Groves 0-1

Records: Canton South 10-3, 6-1; Louisville 8-4, 5-2

NEXT UP: The Leps will rematch with the Wildcats at Canton South on Thursday, April 19 at 4:30.  JV will play at home during the same time.


Canton South 15, Louisville 6

Michael Lautner went 3-for-4 with a double and 2 RBI’s to lead the Leps, but it would not be enough as South scored 7 runs in both the fourth and sixth innings in winning 15-6.  Jeff Agnone also drove in 2 runs for the 6-6, 4-3 JV squad.  The JV Wildcats are now 8-3 on the season.

JV Box Score

Team 123-456-7–R-H-E

Louisville 104-100-0–6-9-5

Canton South 001-707-X–15-12-1

Louisville Leopards JV Batting

R Graybeal321010
J Crank111020
Z Schaffner311111
C Zwick211020
T Butera401001
J Agnone311211
A Nelson101010
M Lautner403200
C Wilson300001
Z Sims200001
V Knebl100001
C Leeders100000
2B: Z Schaffner, M Lautner
TB: R Graybeal, J Crank, Z Schaffner 2, C Zwick, T Butera, J Agnone, A Nelson,M Lautner 4
RBI: Z Schaffner, J Agnone 2, M Lautner 2
ROE: R Graybeal
FC: Z Schaffner, C Wilson
HBP: J Crank
SB: R Graybeal 2, C Zwick, M Lautner
CS: J Crank, J Agnone
PO: J Agnone
Quality At Bats

Team Total: 15 (40.54%)

R Graybeal , J Crank , Z Schaffner 2 , C Zwick 2 , T Butera , J Agnone 3 ,M Lautner 3 , C Wilson , V Knebl

E: R Graybeal, J Crank, C Zwick 2, Z Sims

Louisville Leopards JV Pitching

Z Schaffner103.136020053.8%
Z Sims62.067543043.1%
C Hahn20.232200061.5%
Loss: Z Sims
Hit batters: Z Sims
Pitches-Strikes: Z Schaffner 65-35, Z Sims 72-31, C Hahn 13-8
Groundouts-Flyouts: Z Schaffner 4-5, Z Sims 2-1, C Hahn 0-2
First-pitch strikes-Batters faced: Z Schaffner 8-19, Z Sims 4-17, C Hahn 2-5

Canton South Wildcats JV Batting

P May511200
I Sheridan331221
J Haslam523400
J Dubina502300
G Crum421010
C DeVaul311100
M Montgomery421001
J May321111
A Wright221120
2B: P May, J Haslam 2, G Crum, C DeVaul
TB: P May 2, I Sheridan, J Haslam 5, J Dubina 2, G Crum 2, C DeVaul 2,M Montgomery, J May, A Wright
RBI: P May 2, I Sheridan 2, J Haslam 4, J Dubina 3, C DeVaul, J May, A Wright
ROE: J Haslam, J Dubina, G Crum, M Montgomery
FC: J Dubina
HBP: C DeVaul
SB: A Wright
Quality At Bats

Team Total: 11 (26.83%)

P May , I Sheridan , J Haslam 4 , J Dubina , C DeVaul 2 , M Montgomery ,A Wright

E: J Dubina

Canton South Wildcats JV Pitching

J Dubina217.0107586048.7%
Win: B Guillihoma
Save: C DeVaul
Hit batters: J Dubina, B Guillihoma
Wild Pitch: B Guillihoma
Pitches-Strikes: J Dubina 68-32, B Guillihoma 60-29, C DeVaul 25-17
Groundouts-Flyouts: J Dubina 0-3, B Guillihoma 3-1, C DeVaul 2-1
First-pitch strikes-Batters faced: J Dubina 5-16, B Guillihoma 8-15, C DeVaul 5-7


Louisville 3, Copley 2

The Indians made things interesting by scoring two in the seventh, but Louisville still hung on for the win.  The freshman squad had defeated Copley 7-3 the day before.  The Leps are now 5-6 on the season.


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