Lady Leopards Win All 3 Flites in Louisville Doubles Tournament

Louisville Doubles Classic Champions 2014 - Girls Tennis

Louisville – 27 (1st)

The Louisville Lady Leopards Girls Tennis Team won all three Flites of the Louisville Doubles Beatty's Sports Long Sleeved Leopard NationClassic Saturday. They tallied a score of 27 to take first place as a team eclipsing second place Canton South with 10, and third place North Canton “B” with 7.

The Leopards team of Gretchen Groves & Sarah Robbins won Flight 1, the team of Kayla Pukys & Jozie Scott won Flight 2, and the team of Alexis Pochubay & Natalie Richards took Flight 3. This is the second time Louisville swept all championships in a tournament this season. They also won all five championships at the Orrville Invitational on August 16.

Cover Picture By Terrie Robbins

UP NEXT: The Lady Leopards will next take on the North Canton Hoover Vikings on Monday, September 15 at 4:15 PM. Varsity will hit the road, while JV will be home.

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Team results:     3rd place with 7 points: North Canton “B”

                                2nd place with 10 points: Canton South

                                1st place with 27 points: Louisville

Individuals Results:         Flite 3:   Third Place: North Canton: Okendorf & Sandu

                                                Flite 3: Runner-up: Canton South: Iser & Eckroad

                                                Flite 3: Champions: Louisville: Pochubay & Richards

Flite 2:   Third Place: Canton South: Trissel & Philippi

                                                Flite 2: Runner-up: North Canton: Davidsaver & Chimira

                                                Flite 2: Champions: Louisville: Pukys & Scott

Flite 1:   Third Place: Canton South: Mullins & Rush

                                                Flite 1: Runner-up: Jackson: Nashawati & Pousoulides

                                                Flite 1: Champions: Louisville: Groves & Robbins

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