DI Massillon District Softball Seed Voting Matrix 2015

Beatty's Sports Louisville Leopards Softball Shirt 2015All of the DI Massillon District Softball Coaches, except for Jackson, have submitted their seed vote for Sunday’s Tournament Draw.

In the initial vote, the Louisville Leopards drew the 7th seed receiving 47 points. Canton Timken sent Louisville the most points with 7, seven teams sent Louisville 6 points, and Massillon & Wooster gave the Leopards 5 points each. Unfortunately for Louisville, this voting likely took place after their quality 5-3 win Saturday at Lake.

The Perry Panthers claimed the top seed with 89 points, which included first place votes from 6 of the 10 teams that submitted their seed order. Louisville also voted Perry as the top seed and Hoover second who ended up with the fourth seed. However, it was Green who capture the second seed with 75 points edging GlenOak who had 74 points. The Polar Bears will have a lot of power when they submit their vote to determine who gets the second seed.

Below you can view the seed order and the voting Matrix.

Seed Order

1. Perry – 89 Points

2. Green – 75 Points

3. GlenOak – 74 Points

4. North Canton Hoover – 67 Points

5. Jackson – 66 Points

6. Lake – 53 Points

7. Louisville – 47 Points

8. Marietta – 27 Points

9. Wooster – 23 Points

10. Massillon – 22 Points

11. Canton McKinley – 20 Points

12. Canton Timken – 19 Points

DI Massillon District Tournament Seed Voting Matrix

DI Massillon District Tournament Seed Voting Matrix 2015

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