Louisville Leopards Boys Soccer History

Louisville Boys Soccer History By Season

20003120Jason Durell***150
20011131Jason Durell***060
20025121Mark Storey***231
2003881Mark Storey331
20041044Phil Keene##412
20051062John Henkel421
20061142John Henkel421
20071242John Henkel421
2008593John Henkel241
2009882John Henkel331
20101170John Henkel520
20113132John Henkel151
20121080John Henkel430
20135102John Henkel340
20145111John Henkel340
20156102John Henkel340
20161143John Henkel601
TOTAL12414328 525311
***Co-Ed Team
## John Henkel took over as coach for the final 8 games as Coach Phil Keene continued his battle with cancer and went to be with the Lord on October 13, 2004 RIP.

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