Louisville Leopards Boys Soccer History

Louisville Leopards Boys Soccer Alumni Game 2017

Louisville Boys Soccer History By Season

20003120Jason Durell***150
20011131Jason Durell***060
20025121Mark Storey***231
2003881Mark Storey331
20041044Phil Keene##412
20051062John Henkel421
20061142John Henkel421
20071242John Henkel421
2008593John Henkel241
2009882John Henkel331
20101170John Henkel520
20113132John Henkel151
20121080John Henkel430
20135102John Henkel340
20145111John Henkel340
20156102John Henkel340
20161143John Henkel601
2017782Brandon Henkel421
2018692Jared Komo
20197102Jared Komo
20201252Jared Komo
2021865Jared Komo   
TOTAL16418141 565512
***Co-Ed Team
## John Henkel took over as coach for the final 8 games as Coach Phil Keene went to be with the Lord on October 13, 2004 RIP.

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