Louisville Takes 3rd at Canton District Tournament – Speech & Debate

Louisville Speech & Debate at OSDA Canton District Tournament 2023

Canton District: Louisville 304 (3rd)

Jenny Can Cleaning AdCongratulations to Louisville Speech and Debate for placing 3rd place in the district!

Lauren Clarke qualified to the state tournament in Declamation. Ally Ivey qualified to the state tournament in Dramatic Interpretation. Alex Autry and Steven Richards qualified to the state tournament in Duo Interpretation. Katie George and Kylie Daum qualified to the state tournament in Humorous Interpretation. Morgan Callan earned an alternate position in Humorous Interpretation. Maddie Bigham earned an alternate position in Informative Speaking. Declan Deioma qualified to the state tournament in International Extemporaneous Speaking. Jessie Stewart and Kenna Gnes qualified to the state tournament in Original Oratory. Noah Capo, Maya Baxter, and Joey Duncan qualified to the state tournament in Lincoln Douglas Debate. Kenna Dunlap, Chloe Millard, and Alex Mohr qualified to the state tournament in Program Oral Interpretation. Kip Anna, Kaylyn Butler, and Matthew Dallas qualified to the state tournament in Congressional Debate.

– Katie George

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Canton District Team Sweepstakes

1 Perry 642
2 Hoover 450
3 Louisville 304
4 Jackson H.S. 295
5 GlenOak 269
6 Tusky Valley HS 156

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Canton District Individual Results


Place Competitor(s) Team
1 Lauren Clarke
They Told me to Change My Clothes, I changed the Law Instead
2 Irene Martin
We Shop Therefore We Are
3 Brooklyn Gallentine
A Night to Remember
4 Sofia Ondrus
The Power of Kindness
5 Danielle Stanley
The Psychology of Inequality and Political Division
6 Julia Leonard
Blue Is My Favorite Color
Jackson H.S.
6 Paige Bays
The Beauty of What We’ll Never Know
Lake High School
Fin. Emily Powers
How to Get Back Up After You Fall
Lake High School
Fin. Claire Caldwell
Why Forgiveness is Worth it

Dramatic Interpretation

Place Competitor(s) Team
1 Aurora Rea
Northwest High School
2 Steven Bossler
Every Brilliant Thing
2 Jace Digman
Big Mack Strawberry Shake and large fries
Tusky Valley HS
4 Katie Dever
4 Charolette Knicely
How to Write a Fairy Tale
Northwest High School
6 Ally Ivey
Yvonne DeCarlo
Fin. Mandalin Mitchell
Forever Young
Fin. Cam VanNatta

Duo Interpretation

Place Competitor(s) Team
1 Evelyn Kreger and Reid Lenigan
HMS Barnacle
2 Mackenzie Fondriest and Peyton Teter
3 El Schroeter and Jocelyn Walbeck
4 Alex Autry and Steven Richards
Drugs Are Bad
5 Ann Hilson and Hayden Jones
World’s Largest Rodent

Humorous Interpretation

Place Competitor(s) Team
1 Sam Bossler
The NSA Guide to Winning Friends and Influencing People
2 Conner Belden
The Strange Case of Oragami Yoda
Canton Central Catholic
3 Danny Armstrong
Short Circut
Tusky Valley HS
4 Niko Pitinii
Groundhog Day
4 Robbie Newman
Life on the Street
6 Cheyenne Kyriacou
Bring It on the Musical
Tusky Valley HS

Informative Speaking

Place Competitor(s) Team
1 Abbie Friedrichsen
A Tragic Orca-stra
2 Josh Jacob
Our Hidden Memory
3 Lillian Perez
What is Beautiful?
4 Christian Vannan
Coladas and the Coral Crisis
Canton Central Catholic
4 Allegra McMillan
Teen Mental Health
Tusky Valley HS
6 Elise Hitchcock-Perkson
The History of Radiation
Fin. Kayleigh Fetherolf
Say What?
Northwest High School

International Extemporaneous Speaking

Place Competitor(s) Team
1 Addison Kreger Perry
2 Keira Wright Perry
2 Elizabeth Angione Tusky Valley HS
4 Roxanne Warstler Perry
5 Owen Schwartz Perry

Lincoln-Douglas Debate

Place Competitor(s) Team
1 Daniel Zakari Jackson H.S.
2 Kiernan Canavan Alliance High School
3 Maya Baxter Louisville
4 Joey Duncan Louisville
5 Evelyn Johnson Jackson H.S.
6 Grace Brown Perry
Fin. Elliott Kim Indian Valley High School

Original Oratory

Place Competitor(s) Team
1 Nevaiah Mayle
Canton McKinley
2 Lucy Shaffer
Glorifying Serial Killers
3 Sydni Wyant
Fear of Change
4 Paige Watters
Failure For the Win
Canton Central Catholic
4 Anya Cwiak
The Hidden Ugly Side of Adoption
4 Jane Weisburn
The Pressure to Perfection
Fin. Addie Michael
You Are The Difference
Jackson H.S.
Fin. Aster Blackwell
Alphabet Mafia
Tusky Valley HS

Program Oral Interpretation

Place Competitor(s) Team
1 Aidan Tyler
Regrets: Let Them Be
2 Jesi MCcullough
An Actor Speaks
Canton McKinley
3 Lia Pendergrass
200 Years Overdue
4 Leah Backus
The Cage of Harassment
5 Violet Thomas
A Year of Yes, I Can’t Believe Sam Harris Wrote a Book About Lying, The Policy of Truth, Why You Sho
6 Adam Gerber
Let’s Talk
Fin. Casey Czubaj
Oh, The Places You’ll Go
Fin. Alisha Ford
New Philadelphia High School
Fin. Adrian Conroy
Perfect Isn’t Real
Northwest High School
Fin. Dajeun Dickerson
Canton McKinley
Fin. Dan Danko
Clear the Air

Public Forum Debate

Place Competitor(s) Team
1 Kariane Elson and Sang Pham Perry
2 Madalyn Harrison and Zachary Nesbitt Perry
3 Abigail Findley and Morgan Jones Perry
4 Derek Rissler and Eli Johnson Strasburg
5 Joe Merritt and Rylee Flickinger Hoover

United States Extemporaneous Speaking

Place Competitor(s) Team
1 Stephanie Bouserhal Jackson H.S.
2 Chloe Ahn Jackson H.S.
3 Rachel Gortney GlenOak
3 Dorian Draper Hoover
5 Frankie Silla Perry

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