Gym, Locker Room Renovation Almost Complete

Wednesday evening Boys Basketball Head Coach Tom Siegfried invited Leopard Nation into Louisville High School to get some pictures of the newly renovated locker room and gymnasium.

Value City Arena State Championship the Mission at Louisville

Leopards Basketball's mission is to get to State in Columbus.

The locker room is looking great with banners of record holders, former players, Federal League & NBC Championship team banners, and motivational phrases posted all around.  Perhaps the most chilling of these displays is the first poster you see as you walk in that reads “The Mission” with a picture of Value City Arena.  The Ohio State campus arena is home to the state title games each year and Siegfried is establishing a state-focused mindset for this season and the years to come.

The locker room also features a new sound system and will eventually have a new television hanging from its wall to review game film or relax before a big game.

The new gymnasium is state of the art.  The center court logo will immediately grab anyone’s attention.  A Leopard appearing to break through the gym floor serves as the mid-court artwork and faces toward  the new blue aluminum bleachers spelling out the letters “L-H-S” in white.

Louisville Leopards Midcourt Basketball Gym Logo

The new mid-court design has a Leopard busting through the hardwood.

The bleachers on the opposite side of the gym are also nearly completed.  These north side stands also include a media area above and both sides now have more space between the court and the first row of seats.

The court is laced with “north carolina blue” out of bounds, three-point, free throw, and mid-court lines.  “LOUISVILLE” and “LEOPARDS” are displayed in white on the end-lines under each hoop as well.

Although seating may appear to hold less capacity that before, the gap between the bleachers has been eliminated.  The new seating runs all the way across on each side and the doorway that used to be in the middle opposite of the bench side has now been closed off.

The only thing I found disappointing about the new gym was that the giant Leopard wall painting is no longer there.  Hopefully it or one like it can some day be put back on the wall behind either hoop.

The gym should be ready for practice by next week and more than ready for the foundation games against Canton McKinley on November 22 at 6:00 PM (Girls Varsity plays first, Boys follow).


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