Louisville Leopards Volleyball History

Louisville Lady Leopards Volleyball 2012 NBC Champions

Louisville Leopards Volleyball History By Season

1974012Ken Smith????
197539Ken Smith????
197647Deb Meeks31
197767Deb Meeks22
1978510Laura Graham????
197978Laura Graham????
1980109Mary Crislip57
1981020Terri Schisler012
1982020Connie Surowicz????
1983121Connie Surowicz????
1984516Connie Surowicz????
198599Connie Surowicz????
1986174Connie Surowicz????
1987196Connie Surowicz63
1988195Connie Surowicz????
1989205Connie Surowicz131
1990159Connie Surowicz113
19911010Connie Surowicz77
1992616John Gresko311
1993139John Gresko104
1994146John Gresko113
1995814John Gresko68
19961210John Gresko86
1997158Courtney Testa95
1998196Penny DeShields104
1999176Penny DeShields113
2000232Penny DeShields140
2001206Penny DeShields122
20021112Penny DeShields86
2003185Penny DeShields122
20041213Penny DeShields86
2005206Penny DeShields122
20061212Jodie Cress77
2007149Jodie Cress113
2008915Jodie Cress77
2009177Jodie Cress113
2010204Jodie Cress131
2011159Jodie Cress104
2012185Jodie Cress131
20131311Jodie Cress95
2014178Jodie Cress104
2015214Jodie Cress131
2016223Jodie Cress140
20171311Jodie Cress104
2018814Jodie Cress
2019185Alicia Mihelic
TOTAL575423 ????

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