Louisville Leopards Girls Soccer History

Louisville Lady Leopards Girls Soccer 2013 NBC Champions

Louisville Leopards Girls Soccer
History By Season

20031061Amado Sandoval220
20041043Amado Sandoval311
2005764Sarah Morris231
20061062Sarah Morris321
20076111Sarah Morris331
2008962Sarah Morris331
20094112Aaron Bateman241
20104103Janine Hepler142
20111070Janine Hepler430
20121531Janine Hepler601
20131521Tony Volpe700
2014962Tony Volpe610
2015782Vito Testa511
20161222Nic Ugrin601
2017782Nic Ugrin520
20183140Nic Ugrin
2019962John Henkel
20201071John Henkel
TOTAL15712331 582911

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