NBC Championships by School and Sport – All-Time Breakdown

Fall Sports 2012 NBC Trophies - Louisville Leopards

I posted this awhile back when the NBC began talks of breaking up. There was a lot of debate on the differences in championships won by schools in the NBC and the tables below break it down by sport. These are now the final totals with the league officially coming to a close with Louisville Leopards Softball winning at Carrollton 9-1 on May 21, 2018 to claim the final ever NBC Title (share with West Branch)

's Sports - Go Leopards Baseball ShirtOverall 492 championship trophies have been awarded to participating schools with Louisville winning the most with 128 (26%). Marlington was second with 94 (19%) and West Branch takes third with 72 (15%).

Overall 429 different sports seasons were played in the Northeastern Buckeye Conference from its formation in 1988 when it was only football through Spring Sports 2018 . Calculating shares, the Leopards have won 113 1/3 Titles during that span, which is the most for any school. The Marlington Dukes are second with an even 80 NBC Championships and the West Branch Warriors are third with 61 league crowns during that time.

You can see this breakdown in the tables below. The first table counts all titles, including shares, as 1 championship won. The second table calculates shares making a co-championship worth 0.5 titles for each school or a 3-way share counting as 0.33 each.

NOTE: I did not include Bowling or Cheerleading due to no historical records. Bowling also does not involve Louisville and would likely skew the data needed anyone debating.

NBC Championships All-Time Breakdown

Basketball (Boys)66301014500338
Basketball (Girls)015010121001434
Cross Country (Boys)01421293010032
Cross Country (Girls)00227136000030
Golf (Boys)0081382501836
Golf (Girls)001051100008
Soccer (Boys)30001112902331
Soccer (Girls)0000380100618
Tennis (Boys)11011410010019
Tennis (Girls)04001120000017
Track (Boys)35312100140332
Track (Girls)0024862000931
% of Total Titles4%7%8%2%26%19%6%9%1%4%15% 


NBC Championships All-Time Breakdown (Calculating Shares)

Basketball (Boys)4.335.5207.50.333.53.8300229.0
Basketball (Girls)01408120.50012.529.0
Cross Country (Boys)013.5211.57.52.5010029.0
Cross Country (Girls)0022712.55.5000029.0
Golf (Boys)00612.5714.501629.0
Golf (Girls)00104.510.500007.0
Soccer (Boys)2.50000.58.831.33801.52.3325.0
Soccer (Girls)00002.5701004.515.0
Tennis (Boys)1101130.5000.50017.0
Tennis (Girls)03.500111.50000016.0
Track (Boys)352.511.58.500.540329.0
Track (Girls)0023.58520008.529.0
% of Total Titles3%7%8%2%26%19%6%9%2%4%14% 

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