Leopards Dominate to Win Northwest Sectional Tournament – Wrestling

Louisville Leopards Wrestling 2018 Sectional Tournament Champions

Louisville – 228 (1st Out of 10)

The Louisville Leopards Varsity Wrestling Team captured first place at the DII Northwest Sectional Tournament held Saturday at the Northwest Field House. Eleven Louisville Wrestlers punched their ticket to Districts during the Tournament as the Leopards blew by the competition by scoring 228 points. The Cloverleaf Colts took second place with 188.5 points and the Norton Panthers placed third with 176.5 points.

Louisville Leopards Navy Blue Hoodie Established 1924 - Beatty's Sports Fall 2017Six different Louisville Wrestlers finished undefeated in their weight classes to earn Sectional Titles individually. First place finishers included Garett Lautzenheiser (106), Ryan Jakubiak (113), Davin Rhoads (120), Daniel Kennedy (138), Jax Leonard (145), and Blake Robbins (220).

Riley Brendle (285) also placed second after being bested only by Norton’s Ben Hornacek 5-2 in the heavyweight title match. Logan Vanicek (126), Carter Mickley (132), and Brent Paulus (170) all placed third after victories in their final matchups. Jordan Thompson (152) also placed fourth to advance to Alliance next Friday.

The Leopards 11 district qualifying wrestlers is the known school record. They will compete at the DII Alliance District Tournament beginning next Friday, March 2 at 3:00 PM.

DII Northwest Sectional Wrestling Tournament 2018 Full Results

DII Northwest Sectional Wrestling Tournament Brackets 2018

DII Alliance District Wrestling Tournament Brackets 2018

UP NEXT: The advancing Leopards will next compete at the DII Alliance District Tournament beginning on Friday, March 2 at 3:00 PM and continuing on Saturday, March 3 at 9:30 AM from Alliance High School.

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DII Northwest Sectional Wrestling Tournament Full Results

First Place
106Garett Lautzenheiser (Louisville) tech. fall Kane Surrarrer (Cloverleaf) tf21-4
113Ryan Jakubiak (Louisville) pin Kenny Jenkins (Cloverleaf) 5:13
120Davin Rhoads (Louisville) pin Gaige Harrison (Ak. Springfield) 3:16
126Joe Wright (Coventry) maj. dec. Isaaiah Smith (Field) md16-4
132Miles Knuckles (Coventry) dec. Kaleb Kiss (Norton) 6-5
138Daniel Kennedy (Louisville) dec. Jabril Muhammad (Canton South) 2-1
145Jax Leonard (Louisville) dec. Bret Baker (Norton) 6-5 OT
152Chris Flohr (Norton) dec. Liam Fagan (Coventry) 7-1
160Caleb Cass (Cloverleaf) dec. Quinton Kelley (Hoban) 9-5
170Jack Rogan (Ak. Springfield) dec. Richie Eyre (Tallmadge) 3-2
182Nate Amato (Tallmadge) maj. dec. Rocco Pearce (Cloverleaf) md12-2
195C.J. Williams (Norton) dec. Cory Stallings (Cloverleaf) 3-2
220Blake Robbins (Louisville) dec. Jacob Petit (Hoban) 5-1
285Ben Hornacek (Norton) dec. Riley Brendle (Louisville) 5-2
Third Place
106Colby Simon (Coventry) pin Ben Kiko (Field) 1:46
113Hunter Miller (Canton South) dec. Jayden Morr (Norton) 3-0
120Luke Hewitt (Hoban) pin Logan Scandlon (Cloverleaf) 2:10
126Logan Vanicek (Louisville) dec. Garrett Harrison (Ak. Springfield) 5-2
132Carter Mickley (Louisville) maj. dec. Alex Savering (Field) md14-3
138Derek Cain (Ak. Springfield) pin Ryan Curtis (Cloverleaf) 4:29
145Jacob Davidson (Ak. Springfield) dec. Logan Rickenbacker (Tallmadge) 10-9
152Brody Stallings (Cloverleaf) maj. dec. Jordan Thompson (Louisville) md15-5
160Austin Hinzman (Coventry) dec. Jesse Kanatzar (Tallmadge) 5-1
170Brent Paulus (Louisville) dec. Bryce Hart (Cloverleaf) 10-5
182Donald Otto (Norton) pin Luke Petit (Hoban) 2:25
195Ben Blankenship (Tallmadge) pin Dom Sharp (Coventry) 5:55
220Reilly Cipullo (Cloverleaf) forfeit De`ontae Williams (Canton South) Forfeit
285Riley Adkins (Ak. Springfield) pin Sam Whitehurst (Tallmadge) 2:03
Fifth Place
106Colin Bendo (Hoban) pin Emett Hole (Canton South) 2:42
113Fred Berry (Tallmadge) maj. dec. Mason Goliath (CF Northwest) md10-0
120Brady Postek (Norton) dec. Jacobi Smith (CF Northwest) 14-7
126Michael Green (Norton) dec. Kevin Guling (Canton South) 4-2
132Daniel Chapman (Ak. Springfield) dec. Cody Lombardi (Tallmadge) 8-1
138Zach Flohr (Norton) dec. Henry Lewis (Coventry) 12-5
145Joey Judson (Cloverleaf) pin Frankie Fausnight (Hoban) 0:30
152Ben Henderson (Ak. Springfield) Bye Bye Bye
160Dallas McAmis (Field) pin Carson Savoia (Norton) 1:53
170Niko Primovero (Norton) dec. Kaleb Shank (Coventry) 8-1
182Jordan Guthier (Field) pin David Delisi (Ak. Springfield) 2:59
195Jaxon Frey (Canton South) def. Eli Beers (CF Northwest) Default
220James Barte (Coventry) pin Drew Piacella (Field) 1:38
285Logan Henderson (Cloverleaf) pin Kyler Barnett (Coventry) 3:50
Consolation Semifinal
106Ben Kiko (Field) dec. Colin Bendo (Hoban) 7-1
 Colby Simon (Coventry) pin Emett Hole (Canton South) 0:52
113Hunter Miller (Canton South) pin Mason Goliath (CF Northwest) 4:18
 Jayden Morr (Norton) dec. Fred Berry (Tallmadge) 4-2
120Luke Hewitt (Hoban) pin Jacobi Smith (CF Northwest) 0:31
 Logan Scandlon (Cloverleaf) pin Brady Postek (Norton) 3:47
126Logan Vanicek (Louisville) pin Kevin Guling (Canton South) 1:22
 Garrett Harrison (Ak. Springfield) dec. Michael Green (Norton) 10-3
132Alex Savering (Field) maj. dec. Daniel Chapman (Ak. Springfield) md10-0
 Carter Mickley (Louisville) dec. Cody Lombardi (Tallmadge) 8-1
138Derek Cain (Ak. Springfield) pin Henry Lewis (Coventry) 2:04
 Ryan Curtis (Cloverleaf) tech. fall Zach Flohr (Norton) tf21-5
145Jacob Davidson (Ak. Springfield) pin Joey Judson (Cloverleaf) 1:34
 Logan Rickenbacker (Tallmadge) pin Frankie Fausnight (Hoban) 2:07
152Jordan Thompson (Louisville) Bye Add 4pts (Minimum 4th Guaranteed) Bye
 Brody Stallings (Cloverleaf) maj. dec. Ben Henderson (Ak. Springfield) md9-1
160Jesse Kanatzar (Tallmadge) pin Carson Savoia (Norton) 0:51
 Austin Hinzman (Coventry) tech. fall Dallas McAmis (Field) tf18-3
170Brent Paulus (Louisville) maj. dec. Niko Primovero (Norton) md12-3
 Bryce Hart (Cloverleaf) tech. fall Kaleb Shank (Coventry) tf17-1
182Luke Petit (Hoban) pin David Delisi (Ak. Springfield) 1:25
 Donald Otto (Norton) tech. fall Jordan Guthier (Field) tf21-3
195Dom Sharp (Coventry) dec. Eli Beers (CF Northwest) 3-2
 Ben Blankenship (Tallmadge) dec. Jaxon Frey (Canton South) 8-6
220De`ontae Williams (Canton South) dec. Drew Piacella (Field) 7-6 OT
 Reilly Cipullo (Cloverleaf) pin James Barte (Coventry) 0:56
285Riley Adkins (Ak. Springfield) pin Kyler Barnett (Coventry) 2:43
 Sam Whitehurst (Tallmadge) pin Logan Henderson (Cloverleaf) 0:31
Third Consolation
106Colin Bendo (Hoban) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye
 Emett Hole (Canton South) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye
113Mason Goliath (CF Northwest) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye
 Fred Berry (Tallmadge) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye
120Jacobi Smith (CF Northwest) pin Josh Heatwall (Tallmadge) 3:58
 Logan Scandlon (Cloverleaf) pin Bryce Myers (Canton South) 1:16
126Kevin Guling (Canton South) dec. Alex Derhammer (Cloverleaf) 10-6
 Michael Green (Norton) pin Jordan David (Hoban) 2:18
132Daniel Chapman (Ak. Springfield) pin Jake Harbarger (Hoban) 3:29
 Cody Lombardi (Tallmadge) pin Antonio Nichols (Canton South) 0:49
138Henry Lewis (Coventry) pin John McKinley (Field) 2:04
 Zach Flohr (Norton) dec. Christian Houlehan (CF Northwest) 9-7
145Joey Judson (Cloverleaf) pin Korie Richmond (Coventry) 1:27
 Frankie Fausnight (Hoban) pin Sean Weaver (Field) 3:43
152Ben Henderson (Ak. Springfield) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye
160Carson Savoia (Norton) dec. Tyler Williams (Canton South) 10-5
 Dallas McAmis (Field) pin Colton Weber (CF Northwest) 1:30
170Niko Primovero (Norton) maj. dec. Dalton Frey (Canton South) md11-3
 Bryce Hart (Cloverleaf) pin Nolan Krites (Hoban) 2:03
182David Delisi (Ak. Springfield) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye
 Jordan Guthier (Field) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye
195Eli Beers (CF Northwest) pin Garret Persinger (Hoban) 0:16
 Ben Blankenship (Tallmadge) pin Zach Thatcher (Louisville) 3:45
220Drew Piacella (Field) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye
 James Barte (Coventry) pin Ryan Hall (CF Northwest) 0:16
285Kyler Barnett (Coventry) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye
 Logan Henderson (Cloverleaf) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye
106Garett Lautzenheiser (Louisville) tech. fall Ben Kiko (Field) tf15-0
 Kane Surrarrer (Cloverleaf) dec. Colby Simon (Coventry) 11-10
113Kenny Jenkins (Cloverleaf) pin Hunter Miller (Canton South) 2:46
 Ryan Jakubiak (Louisville) dec.* Jayden Morr (Norton) 4-0
120Gaige Harrison (Ak. Springfield) pin Luke Hewitt (Hoban) 3:52
 Davin Rhoads (Louisville) tech. fall Brady Postek (Norton) tf15-0
126Joe Wright (Coventry) pin Logan Vanicek (Louisville) 3:11
 Isaaiah Smith (Field) pin Garrett Harrison (Ak. Springfield) 1:35
132Kaleb Kiss (Norton) dec. Alex Savering (Field) 6-4
 Miles Knuckles (Coventry) dec. Carter Mickley (Louisville) 8-4
138Daniel Kennedy (Louisville) maj. dec. Derek Cain (Ak. Springfield) md13-3
 Jabril Muhammad (Canton South) maj. dec. Ryan Curtis (Cloverleaf) md9-1
145Bret Baker (Norton) maj. dec. Jacob Davidson (Ak. Springfield) md14-4
 Jax Leonard (Louisville) pin Logan Rickenbacker (Tallmadge) 3:23
152Chris Flohr (Norton) maj. dec.* Jordan Thompson (Louisville) md11-1
 Liam Fagan (Coventry) dec.* Brody Stallings (Cloverleaf) 3-1
160Quinton Kelley (Hoban) tech. fall Jesse Kanatzar (Tallmadge) tf16-0
 Caleb Cass (Cloverleaf) dec. Austin Hinzman (Coventry) 10-5
170Richie Eyre (Tallmadge) dec. Brent Paulus (Louisville) 4-3
 Jack Rogan (Ak. Springfield) pin Kaleb Shank (Coventry) 1:41
182Nate Amato (Tallmadge) pin* Luke Petit (Hoban) 0:55
 Rocco Pearce (Cloverleaf) pin* Donald Otto (Norton) 2:41
195Cory Stallings (Cloverleaf) pin Dom Sharp (Coventry) 1:58
 C.J. Williams (Norton) pin Jaxon Frey (Canton South) 0:58
220Blake Robbins (Louisville) pin De`ontae Williams (Canton South) 1:59
 Jacob Petit (Hoban) dec. Reilly Cipullo (Cloverleaf) 5-0
285Ben Hornacek (Norton) dec.* Riley Adkins (Ak. Springfield) 8-2
 Riley Brendle (Louisville) pin* Sam Whitehurst (Tallmadge) 3:19
Second Consolation
120Logan Scandlon (Cloverleaf) pin John Cassetty (Field) 0:58
126Kevin Guling (Canton South) pin Jake Kanatzar (Tallmadge) 4:05
145Joey Judson (Cloverleaf) pin Ben Little (Canton South) 1:29
 Sean Weaver (Field) pin Adam Wenhart (CF Northwest) 0:59
160Tyler Williams (Canton South) pin J.D. Spitaleri (Louisville) 0:29
170Bryce Hart (Cloverleaf) pin Jordan Hopkins (Field) 2:20
106Garett Lautzenheiser (Louisville) pin Emett Hole (Canton South) 1:27
 Ben Kiko (Field) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye
 Kane Surrarrer (Cloverleaf) pin Colin Bendo (Hoban) 0:27
 Colby Simon (Coventry) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye
113Hunter Miller (Canton South) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye
 Kenny Jenkins (Cloverleaf) dec. Fred Berry (Tallmadge) 3-0
 Jayden Morr (Norton) pin Mason Goliath (CF Northwest) 3:27
 Ryan Jakubiak (Louisville) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye
120Luke Hewitt (Hoban) pin* Bryce Myers (Canton South) 1:15
 Gaige Harrison (Ak. Springfield) pin* Logan Scandlon (Cloverleaf) 2:59
 Brady Postek (Norton) pin Josh Heatwall (Tallmadge) 1:39
 Davin Rhoads (Louisville) pin* Jacobi Smith (CF Northwest) 2:44
126Joe Wright (Coventry) pin* Jordan David (Hoban) 1:20
 Logan Vanicek (Louisville) pin* Michael Green (Norton) 0:46
 Garrett Harrison (Ak. Springfield) pin* Jake Kanatzar (Tallmadge) 3:11
 Isaaiah Smith (Field) pin* Alex Derhammer (Cloverleaf) 5:36
132Kaleb Kiss (Norton) pin Antonio Nichols (Canton South) 1:06
 Alex Savering (Field) maj. dec. Cody Lombardi (Tallmadge) md10-2
 Carter Mickley (Louisville) pin Daniel Chapman (Ak. Springfield) 1:13
 Miles Knuckles (Coventry) pin Jake Harbarger (Hoban) 1:09
138Derek Cain (Ak. Springfield) dec. Zach Flohr (Norton) 13-6
 Daniel Kennedy (Louisville) pin Christian Houlehan (CF Northwest) 1:49
 Jabril Muhammad (Canton South) pin John McKinley (Field) 1:15
 Ryan Curtis (Cloverleaf) tech. fall Henry Lewis (Coventry) tf19-4
145Bret Baker (Norton) pin* Sean Weaver (Field) 1:36
 Jacob Davidson (Ak. Springfield) pin Frankie Fausnight (Hoban) 0:55
 Logan Rickenbacker (Tallmadge) pin* Ben Little (Canton South) 0:54
 Jax Leonard (Louisville) pin Korie Richmond (Coventry) 3:18
152Chris Flohr (Norton) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye
 Jordan Thompson (Louisville) tech. fall Ben Henderson (Ak. Springfield) tf15-0
 Brody Stallings (Cloverleaf) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye
 Liam Fagan (Coventry) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye
160Quinton Kelley (Hoban) pin* Colton Weber (CF Northwest) 0:34
 Jesse Kanatzar (Tallmadge) maj. dec.* Dallas McAmis (Field) md11-3
 Austin Hinzman (Coventry) tech. fall* Carson Savoia (Norton) tf15-0
 Caleb Cass (Cloverleaf) pin* Tyler Williams (Canton South) 0:47
170Richie Eyre (Tallmadge) pin* Nolan Krites (Hoban) 2:27
 Brent Paulus (Louisville) pin* Bryce Hart (Cloverleaf) 3:14
 Kaleb Shank (Coventry) tech. fall Niko Primovero (Norton) tf16-0
 Jack Rogan (Ak. Springfield) tech. fall* Dalton Frey (Canton South) tf18-2
182Nate Amato (Tallmadge) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye
 Luke Petit (Hoban) dec. Jordan Guthier (Field) 7-4
 Donald Otto (Norton) pin David Delisi (Ak. Springfield) 1:00
 Rocco Pearce (Cloverleaf) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye
195Cory Stallings (Cloverleaf) pin Zach Thatcher (Louisville) 3:16
 Dom Sharp (Coventry) dec. Ben Blankenship (Tallmadge) 6-3
 Jaxon Frey (Canton South) pin Garret Persinger (Hoban) 0:44
 C.J. Williams (Norton) pin Eli Beers (CF Northwest) 2:52
220De`ontae Williams (Canton South) pin Ryan Hall (CF Northwest) 0:09
 Blake Robbins (Louisville) pin James Barte (Coventry) 0:17
 Jacob Petit (Hoban) pin Drew Piacella (Field) 1:32
 Reilly Cipullo (Cloverleaf) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye
285Ben Hornacek (Norton) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye
 Riley Adkins (Ak. Springfield) pin Logan Henderson (Cloverleaf) 3:08
 Sam Whitehurst (Tallmadge) pin Kyler Barnett (Coventry) 0:55
 Riley Brendle (Louisville) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye
First Round
120Brady Postek (Norton) pin John Cassetty (Field) 0:48
126Michael Green (Norton) dec. Kevin Guling (Canton South) 3-2
145Jacob Davidson (Ak. Springfield) pin Joey Judson (Cloverleaf) 1:22
 Jax Leonard (Louisville) pin Adam Wenhart (CF Northwest) 0:27
160Colton Weber (CF Northwest) pin J.D. Spitaleri (Louisville) 0:45
170Kaleb Shank (Coventry) pin Jordan Hopkins (Field) 0:43


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