8 Leopards Crowned Sectional Champs, 13 Headed to District – Wrestling

Carter Mickley Louisville Leopards Wrestling 2020 Sectional Champions

Louisville – 292 (1st Out of 12)

My Fit Life Personal Trainer AdThe Louisville Leopards Wrestling Team competed at the DII Northwest Sectional Tournament Saturday at Northwest High School. Louisville dominated scoring a total of 292 team points en rout to their third consecutive Sectional Championship as a team. In comparison, the Norton Panthers were a distant second place with 173 points and the CVCA Royals came in third place with 168.5 points.

Beatty's Sports Wrestling Team Dual State Champions ShirtA team record 8 different Leopards earned Sectional Titles Saturday. They included: three-time Sectional Champions in Garett Lautzenheiser (120), Jax Leonard (170), and Blake Robbins (220). Two-time Sectional Champions Dan Kennedy (152) and Brent Paulus (195). Dan Adams (113), Carter Mickley (138), and Brenden Severs (160) were all first time Sectional Champions.

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Lingenhoel Group - Arden and Lisa Lingenhoel - Cutler Real Estate AdAll 14 Louisville wrestlers placed at the sectional tournament with a team record 13 qualifying for the District Tournament next week at Alliance High School. Returning State Champion Davin Rhoads (132) dropped a 7-4 decision to Matthew Williams (CVCA) in the 132 championship match to finish 2nd. Dominic Hoffarth (106), Logan Vanicek (145), and Jason Goard (285) all claimed third place in their respective weight classes. Both Hoffarth and Goard pinned the opposition in the consolation finals to claim 3rd. Noah Peterson (182) also took 4th and Dale Stauffer (126) finished 6th.

The Leopards 13 District Qualifiers and 8 Sectional Title Champions are likely the most for any school across the state. Defending State Champion St. Paris Graham hosted their own Sectional and crowned 7 Sectional Champions while sending 11 to the Wilmington District Tournament next weekend. Last year’s State Runner-Up in the Aurora Greemen produced 6 Sectional Champions at Beachwood and will be sending 11 to the Alliance District Tournament next weekend.

UP NEXT: The Leopards will next compete at the DII Alliance District Tournament on Friday, March 6 starting at 3:00 PM and Saturday, March 7 starting at 9:30 AM.

Cover Photo By: Amy Paulus

DII Northwest Sectional Wrestling Tournament Team Results

6.Canton South81.0 
8.Ak. Springfield56.0 
10.CF Northwest53.0 

DII Northwest Sectional Wrestling Tournament Individual Results

First Place
106Jake Arnold (Cloverleaf) dec. Anthony Perez (CVCA) 5-3
113Dan Adams (Louisville) Default Hunter Miller (Canton South) Default
120Garett Lautzenheiser (Louisville) pin Justice Al-Rubiay (Canton South) 1:24
126Brady Postek (Norton) pin Kevin Gulling (Canton South) 0:26
132Matthew Williams (CVCA) dec. Davin Rhoads (Louisville) 7-4
138Carter Mickley (Louisville) dec. Caden Scarbrough (CVCA) 4-2
145Austin Pownall (CVCA) dec. Max Kirby (Fairless) 6-4
152Daniel Kennedy (Louisville) dec. Micheal Briggs (Triway) 5-4
160Brenden Severs (Louisville) maj. dec. Tyler Williams (Canton South) md11-0
170Jax Leonard (Louisville) pin Brody Stallings (Cloverleaf) 0:53
182Kyle Snider (CVCA) dec. Jesse Kanatzar (Tallmadge) 7-3
195Brent Paulus (Louisville) pin Alex Merwin (Triway) 1:07
220Blake Robbins (Louisville) dec. Ben Blankenship (Tallmadge) 7-0
285Jacob Burns (Hoban) dec. Zach Hershbeger (Triway) 7-1
Third Place
106Dominic Hoffarth (Louisville) pin Zane Carr (Triway) 0:27
113Kane Surrarrer (Cloverleaf) def. Peyton Wengerd (Triway) Default
120Jesse Farmer (Norton) pin Braden Hahlen (CVCA) 4:05
126T.J. Sarkiewicz (CVCA) dec. Josh Dunn (Cloverleaf) 5-2
132Jayden Morr (Norton) dec. Cade Cass (Cloverleaf) 3-1
138Sterling Turchin (Norton) pin Blake Whitmeyer (Triway) 4:08
145Logan Vanicek (Louisville) dec. Daniel Chapman (Ak. Springfield) 6-2
152Jacobi Smith (CF Northwest) dec. Anthony Norton (Cloverleaf) 9-4
160Reid Beddow (Norton) maj. dec. Hayden Stutz (Fairless) md14-0
170Micah Schwartzentraub (Fairless) pin Colton Weber (CF Northwest) 1:43
182Jakob Hopkins (Norton) dec. Noah Peterson (Louisville) 13-9
195Carson Savoia (Norton) pin Logan Berresford (Fairless) 4:20
220Cody Logan (CF Northwest) dec. Luke Daley (Triway) 4-0
285Jason Goard (Louisville) pin Kyler Barnett (Coventry) 2:35
Fifth Place
106Dominic Hahn (Ak. Springfield) dec. Tommy Conway (Hoban) 6-1
113Jesse King (Norton) dec. Owen Nelson (CVCA) 5-1
120Sean Barker (Cloverleaf) maj. dec. Tobias Baranek (Hoban) md15-6
126Sean Listerman (Hoban) dec. Dale Stauffer (Louisville) 4-0
132Jesse Davidson (Ak. Springfield) tech. fall Dalton Cooksey (Coventry) tf15-0
138Greg Davis (Ak. Springfield) pin Bryce Fast (Coventry) 1:00
145Cameron Arthur (Cloverleaf) dec. Colby Simon (Coventry) 3-2
152Gus Fortseras (Tallmadge) pin Donald Otto (Norton) 0:55
160Austin Donaldson (CF Northwest) tech. fall Nicholas Holmes (Ak. Springfield) tf15-0
170Andrew Swym (Norton) pin Niall Walker (CVCA) 0:53
182Lakota Hagenbaugh (Cloverleaf) pin David Delisi (Ak. Springfield) 2:13
195Ben Kott (Cloverleaf) pin Brian Blankenship (Tallmadge) 1:29
220Matthew Hopkins (Norton) pin Seth Nerone (CVCA) 0:52
285Matt Holman (CVCA) def. Daniel Hopkins (Norton) Default
Consolation Semifinal
106Dominic Hoffarth (Louisville) pin Dominic Hahn (Ak. Springfield) 0:43
 Zane Carr (Triway) maj. dec. Tommy Conway (Hoban) md15-5
113Kane Surrarrer (Cloverleaf) dec. Jesse King (Norton) 10-5
 Peyton Wengerd (Triway) dec. Owen Nelson (CVCA) 6-3
120Jesse Farmer (Norton) pin Tobias Baranek (Hoban) 2:47
 Braden Hahlen (CVCA) pin Sean Barker (Cloverleaf) 4:33
126T.J. Sarkiewicz (CVCA) dec. Dale Stauffer (Louisville) 4-0
 Josh Dunn (Cloverleaf) pin Sean Listerman (Hoban) 1:16
132Jayden Morr (Norton) pin Jesse Davidson (Ak. Springfield) 2:36
 Cade Cass (Cloverleaf) tech. fall Dalton Cooksey (Coventry) tf16-0
138Sterling Turchin (Norton) dec. Greg Davis (Ak. Springfield) 12-8
 Blake Whitmeyer (Triway) pin Bryce Fast (Coventry) 0:51
145Logan Vanicek (Louisville) pin Colby Simon (Coventry) 2:49
 Daniel Chapman (Ak. Springfield) pin Cameron Arthur (Cloverleaf) 0:41
152Jacobi Smith (CF Northwest) pin Gus Fortseras (Tallmadge) 2:20
 Anthony Norton (Cloverleaf) pin Donald Otto (Norton) 1:40
160Reid Beddow (Norton) pin Nicholas Holmes (Ak. Springfield) 1:20
 Hayden Stutz (Fairless) pin Austin Donaldson (CF Northwest) 3:35
170Micah Schwartzentraub (Fairless) pin Niall Walker (CVCA) 0:59
 Colton Weber (CF Northwest) dec. Andrew Swym (Norton) 8-6
182Noah Peterson (Louisville) pin David Delisi (Ak. Springfield) 0:49
 Jakob Hopkins (Norton) pin Lakota Hagenbaugh (Cloverleaf) 2:20
195Logan Berresford (Fairless) pin Brian Blankenship (Tallmadge) 2:58
 Carson Savoia (Norton) pin Ben Kott (Cloverleaf) 1:47
220Cody Logan (CF Northwest) tech. fall Seth Nerone (CVCA) tf15-0
 Luke Daley (Triway) pin Matthew Hopkins (Norton) 2:37
285Kyler Barnett (Coventry) dec. Daniel Hopkins (Norton) 8-2
 Jason Goard (Louisville) pin Matt Holman (CVCA) 0:56
Third Consolation
106Dominic Hoffarth (Louisville) pin Nate Lynden (Norton) 1:11
 Tommy Conway (Hoban) pin Tyson Dennison (Coventry) 2:47
113Kane Surrarrer (Cloverleaf) pin Coby Watkins (Ak. Springfield) 0:15
 Owen Nelson (CVCA) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye
120Tobias Baranek (Hoban) pin John Kondrach (Fairless) 3:52
 Sean Barker (Cloverleaf) pin Damien Ries (CF Northwest) 1:21
126Dale Stauffer (Louisville) dec. Josh Heatwall (Tallmadge) 4-2
 Sean Listerman (Hoban) dec. Evan McGhee (Coventry) 10-6
132Jesse Davidson (Ak. Springfield) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye
 Dalton Cooksey (Coventry) pin Mason Rollyson (Tallmadge) 1:36
138Greg Davis (Ak. Springfield) pin Aiden Clark (CF Northwest) 4:00
 Bryce Fast (Coventry) pin Jake Harbarger (Hoban) 0:37
145Logan Vanicek (Louisville) dec. Antonio Nichols (Canton South) 12-5
 Cameron Arthur (Cloverleaf) pin Tyler Arnes (Triway) 1:40
152Gus Fortseras (Tallmadge) dec. Kody Arntz (Coventry) 6-0
 Anthony Norton (Cloverleaf) dec. Kolton Carson (Ak. Springfield) 13-11
160Nicholas Holmes (Ak. Springfield) pin Kannon Thoman (Triway) 1:38
 Austin Donaldson (CF Northwest) pin Brandon Ridenour (Cloverleaf) 2:33
170Niall Walker (CVCA) pin Gavin Stem (Ak. Springfield) 1:52
 Colton Weber (CF Northwest) pin Brogan Hillman (Triway) 3:28
182David Delisi (Ak. Springfield) dec. Jack Holderbaum (Coventry) 7-4
 Lakota Hagenbaugh (Cloverleaf) pin Josh Webb (Fairless) 4:19
195Brian Blankenship (Tallmadge) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye
 Ben Kott (Cloverleaf) pin Jackson Kipp (CVCA) 0:45
220Seth Nerone (CVCA) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye
 Matthew Hopkins (Norton) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye
285Daniel Hopkins (Norton) pin Matthew Kelley (Tallmadge) 1:54
 Jason Goard (Louisville) pin Riley Plotner (CF Northwest) 0:50
106Jake Arnold (Cloverleaf) pin Dominic Hahn (Ak. Springfield) 2:49
 Anthony Perez (CVCA) tech. fall Zane Carr (Triway) tf16-0
113Hunter Miller (Canton South) dec.* Jesse King (Norton) 8-3
 Dan Adams (Louisville) pin Peyton Wengerd (Triway) 2:50
120Garett Lautzenheiser (Louisville) pin Jesse Farmer (Norton) 0:07
 Justice Al-Rubiay (Canton South) pin Braden Hahlen (CVCA) 3:09
126Kevin Gulling (Canton South) pin T.J. Sarkiewicz (CVCA) 2:17
 Brady Postek (Norton) pin Josh Dunn (Cloverleaf) 1:37
132Davin Rhoads (Louisville) tech. fall Jayden Morr (Norton) tf17-2
 Matthew Williams (CVCA) pin* Cade Cass (Cloverleaf) 2:11
138Caden Scarbrough (CVCA) pin Sterling Turchin (Norton) 1:18
 Carter Mickley (Louisville) pin Blake Whitmeyer (Triway) 1:32
145Austin Pownall (CVCA) pin Colby Simon (Coventry) 1:02
 Max Kirby (Fairless) pin Daniel Chapman (Ak. Springfield) 5:26
152Daniel Kennedy (Louisville) dec. Jacobi Smith (CF Northwest) 4-2
 Micheal Briggs (Triway) pin Donald Otto (Norton) 1:17
160Brenden Severs (Louisville) pin Reid Beddow (Norton) 3:52
 Tyler Williams (Canton South) dec. Hayden Stutz (Fairless) 5-4
170Jax Leonard (Louisville) pin Micah Schwartzentraub (Fairless) 1:19
 Brody Stallings (Cloverleaf) tech. fall Andrew Swym (Norton) tf15-0
182Jesse Kanatzar (Tallmadge) dec. Noah Peterson (Louisville) 7-1
 Kyle Snider (CVCA) pin Jakob Hopkins (Norton) 1:21
195Brent Paulus (Louisville) pin Logan Berresford (Fairless) 0:19
 Alex Merwin (Triway) pin* Carson Savoia (Norton) 1:17
220Blake Robbins (Louisville) maj. dec.* Cody Logan (CF Northwest) md14-3
 Ben Blankenship (Tallmadge) pin* Luke Daley (Triway) 3:43
285Jacob Burns (Hoban) dec. Kyler Barnett (Coventry) 4-0
 Zach Hershbeger (Triway) pin Matt Holman (CVCA) 1:01
Second Consolation
120John Kondrach (Fairless) dec. Simon Briggs (Triway) 6-4
126Dale Stauffer (Louisville) pin Cory Banfield (Triway) 3:42
 Josh Heatwall (Tallmadge) pin Will Schumacher (Fairless) 2:42
 Evan McGhee (Coventry) tech. fall Mitchel Davis (Ak. Springfield) tf15-0
 Sean Listerman (Hoban) pin Mason Goliath (CF Northwest) 1:49
145Logan Vanicek (Louisville) pin Cory Beddow (Norton) 0:50
 Antonio Nichols (Canton South) pin David Lacey (Hoban) 2:32
 Tyler Arnes (Triway) pin Josh Berkey (Tallmadge) 0:31
 Cameron Arthur (Cloverleaf) pin Ben Schilling (CF Northwest) 2:36
152Gus Fortseras (Tallmadge) pin J.J. Boone (CVCA) 4:13
 Kolton Carson (Ak. Springfield) tech. fall Izek Cloud (Canton South) tf15-0
182Josh Webb (Fairless) pin Owen Reinford (CF Northwest) 0:19
106Jake Arnold (Cloverleaf) pin Tyson Dennison (Coventry) 0:29
 Dominic Hahn (Ak. Springfield) maj. dec. Tommy Conway (Hoban) md13-4
 Anthony Perez (CVCA) dec. Dominic Hoffarth (Louisville) 1-0
 Zane Carr (Triway) tech. fall Nate Lynden (Norton) tf20-5
113Hunter Miller (Canton South) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye
 Jesse King (Norton) dec. Owen Nelson (CVCA) 7-4
 Dan Adams (Louisville) tech. fall Kane Surrarrer (Cloverleaf) tf23-8
 Peyton Wengerd (Triway) pin Coby Watkins (Ak. Springfield) 0:28
120Garett Lautzenheiser (Louisville) pin* Damien Ries (CF Northwest) 0:15
 Jesse Farmer (Norton) pin* Sean Barker (Cloverleaf) 5:16
 Braden Hahlen (CVCA) pin* Simon Briggs (Triway) 3:57
 Justice Al-Rubiay (Canton South) pin* Tobias Baranek (Hoban) 0:44
126Kevin Gulling (Canton South) maj. dec. Sean Listerman (Hoban) md9-1
 T.J. Sarkiewicz (CVCA) dec. Evan McGhee (Coventry) 9-2
 Josh Dunn (Cloverleaf) dec. Josh Heatwall (Tallmadge) 5-2
 Brady Postek (Norton) pin Cory Banfield (Triway) 1:12
132Davin Rhoads (Louisville) pin Mason Rollyson (Tallmadge) 0:38
 Jayden Morr (Norton) pin Dalton Cooksey (Coventry) 1:32
 Cade Cass (Cloverleaf) tech. fall Jesse Davidson (Ak. Springfield) tf16-0
 Matthew Williams (CVCA) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye
138Caden Scarbrough (CVCA) pin Jake Harbarger (Hoban) 1:25
 Sterling Turchin (Norton) pin Bryce Fast (Coventry) 1:07
 Blake Whitmeyer (Triway) dec. Greg Davis (Ak. Springfield) 7-4
 Carter Mickley (Louisville) pin Aiden Clark (CF Northwest) 0:38
145Austin Pownall (CVCA) pin Cameron Arthur (Cloverleaf) 0:49
 Colby Simon (Coventry) pin* Tyler Arnes (Triway) 4:54
 Daniel Chapman (Ak. Springfield) pin Antonio Nichols (Canton South) 2:25
 Max Kirby (Fairless) dec. Logan Vanicek (Louisville) 7-0
152Daniel Kennedy (Louisville) pin* Izek Cloud (Canton South) 1:00
 Jacobi Smith (CF Northwest) maj. dec.* Anthony Norton (Cloverleaf) md13-3
 Donald Otto (Norton) dec.* Gus Fortseras (Tallmadge) 10-4
 Micheal Briggs (Triway) pin* Kody Arntz (Coventry) 1:26
160Brenden Severs (Louisville) pin Brandon Ridenour (Cloverleaf) 0:30
 Reid Beddow (Norton) dec. Austin Donaldson (CF Northwest) 11-4
 Hayden Stutz (Fairless) pin Nicholas Holmes (Ak. Springfield) 0:14
 Tyler Williams (Canton South) pin Kannon Thoman (Triway) 0:17
170Jax Leonard (Louisville) pin Brogan Hillman (Triway) 1:08
 Micah Schwartzentraub (Fairless) pin Colton Weber (CF Northwest) 4:10
 Andrew Swym (Norton) pin Niall Walker (CVCA) 0:33
 Brody Stallings (Cloverleaf) pin Gavin Stem (Ak. Springfield) 0:53
182Jesse Kanatzar (Tallmadge) pin* Josh Webb (Fairless) 2:59
 Noah Peterson (Louisville) pin* Lakota Hagenbaugh (Cloverleaf) 5:29
 Kyle Snider (CVCA) pin* David Delisi (Ak. Springfield) 0:56
 Jakob Hopkins (Norton) pin Jack Holderbaum (Coventry) 1:28
195Brent Paulus (Louisville) pin Jackson Kipp (CVCA) 0:14
 Logan Berresford (Fairless) pin Ben Kott (Cloverleaf) 1:18
 Carson Savoia (Norton) pin Brian Blankenship (Tallmadge) 2:47
 Alex Merwin (Triway) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye
220Blake Robbins (Louisville) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye
 Cody Logan (CF Northwest) pin Matthew Hopkins (Norton) 5:03
 Ben Blankenship (Tallmadge) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye
 Luke Daley (Triway) pin Seth Nerone (CVCA) 0:23
285Jacob Burns (Hoban) pin Jason Goard (Louisville) 5:01
 Kyler Barnett (Coventry) dec. Riley Plotner (CF Northwest) 6-0
 Matt Holman (CVCA) pin Daniel Hopkins (Norton) 1:23
 Zach Hershbeger (Triway) pin Matthew Kelley (Tallmadge) 0:17
First Round
120Sean Barker (Cloverleaf) pin John Kondrach (Fairless) 0:47
126Kevin Gulling (Canton South) maj. dec. Dale Stauffer (Louisville) md13-0
 T.J. Sarkiewicz (CVCA) pin Will Schumacher (Fairless) 0:38
 Josh Dunn (Cloverleaf) tech. fall Mitchel Davis (Ak. Springfield) tf15-0
 Brady Postek (Norton) pin Mason Goliath (CF Northwest) 1:14
145Austin Pownall (CVCA) pin Cory Beddow (Norton) 2:23
 Tyler Arnes (Triway) pin David Lacey (Hoban) 2:29
 Daniel Chapman (Ak. Springfield) pin Josh Berkey (Tallmadge) 1:12
 Max Kirby (Fairless) tech. fall Ben Schilling (CF Northwest) tf15-0
152Anthony Norton (Cloverleaf) dec. J.J. Boone (CVCA) 11-4
 Kody Arntz (Coventry) dec. Kolton Carson (Ak. Springfield) 4-3
182Jakob Hopkins (Norton) pin Owen Reinford (CF Northwest) 0:45

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