Leopards Place 1st at Northwest Sectional and Send 11 to Districts – Wrestling

Brent Paulus Louisville Leopards Wrestling 2019 Vs. Canfield Cardinals

Louisville – 242.5 (1st Out of 11)

My Fit Life Personal Trainer AdThe Louisville Leopards Varsity wrestlers competed at the DII Northwest Sectional Tournament Saturday at the Northwest Field House. Five Louisville wrestlers were crowned sectional champions, 11 Leopards qualified for districts, and LHS placed first out of 11 competing schools. Louisville blew away the competition scoring 242.5 points with the CVCA Royals placing second with 180.5 and the Cloverleaf Colts taking third with 131.0 points. 

The five Leopard sectional champions included Lacy Harvey (106), Garrett Lautzenheiser (120), Jax Leonard (152), Brent Paulus (195), and Blake Robbins (220). Three other Louisville wrestlers advanced to the finals and placed second including Davin Rhoads (126), Carter Mickley (138), and Daniel Kennedy (145).

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No one had a more dominate run through sectionals than Paulus. The Leopards Junior wrestler steamrolled the 195 bracket needing just 1:06 to claim the Sectional Title. Paulus had a bye in the first round and quarterfinals before pinning Tallmadge’s Jake Spataro in just 15 seconds to earn a trip to the finals. He then pinned Norton’s Jakob Hopkins in only 51 seconds in the championship match. Paulus was the only sectional champion that won via pin in his finals match.

Harvey and Lautzenheiser rolled through the lightweight brackets. Harvey pinned Hoban’s Tobias Branek and Akron Springfield’s Dominic Hahn to advance to the title match. With the sectional on the line, Harvey earned a 9-7 decision over Cloverleaf’s Kane Surrarrer to take the 106 bracket. Lautzenheiser won by fall in just 1:14 over Field’s Justin Sloan in the quarterfinals before earning a 14-6 major decision again CVCA’s Caden Scarbrough in the semifinals. The Sophomore won the 120 bracket with an 18-2 technical fall against Norton’s Jayden Morrr to earn his second sectional championship in as many seasons.

Jax Leonard also accomplished the same feat of back-to-back sectional titles in the 152 bracket. The Junior Leopard pinned Tallmadge’s Josh Berkey in just 28 seconds to advance to the semifinals and earned an 11-3 major decision against CVCA’s Dalton Duvall to punch his ticket to his third consecutive sectional title match. In the finals, Leonard won a 9-5 decision over Coventry’s Liam Fagan to take the 152 crown.

Fellow Junior Blake Robbins also claimed his second straight sectional title in the 220 bracket. He pinned his first two opponents en rout to advancing to the championship matchup. Robbins needed only 8 ticks to take down Canton South’s Trevor Fellouzia in the quarterfinals. Only Northwest’s Ryan Davis had a faster pin in the tournament needing only 5 seconds to pin Tallmadge’s Josh Berkey in a third place 152 consolation matchup. Robbins semifinal match with Tallmadge’s Ben Blankenship took a little longer at 5:03 but produced the same win by fall result. Robbins went on to defeat CVCA’s Breslin Walker 3-1 in the title match to become Louisville’s fifth and final sectional champion.

Other Leopards district qualifiers included Riley Brendle (285) who placed third and Logan Vanicek (132) & Noah Peterson (182) who took fourth. Brendle shutout Cloverleaf’s Logan Henderson 2-0 in the finals to claim third place in the heavyweight bracket. Charlie Simpson also placed fifth for Louisville in the 113 bracket.

Team Scores: 1. Louisville 242.5; 2. CVCA 180.5; 3. Cloverleaf 131.0; 4. Norton 129.5; 5. Coventry 120.0; 6. Tallmadge 108.0; 7. Canton South 93.5; 8. Northwest 82.0; 9. Field 67.5; 10. Hoban 51.5; 11. Ak. Springfield 49.0

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UP NEXT: The Leopards District Qualifiers will next compete at the DII Alliance District Tournament starting on Friday, March 1 at 3:00 PM and continuing on Saturday, March 2 at 9:00 AM.

DII Alliance District Wrestling Tournament Preliminary Brackets


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DII Northwest Sectional Tournament Individual Match Results

First Place 
106: Lacy Harvey (Louisville) dec.  Kane Surrarrer (Cloverleaf)   9-7; 
113: Jacob Decatur (CVCA) dec.  Hunter Miller (Canton South)   11-6; 
120: Garett Lautzenheiser (Louisville) tech. fall  Jayden Morr (Norton)  tf18-2; 
126: Matthew Williams (CVCA) dec.  Davin Rhoads (Louisville)   5-4; 
132: Jordan Decatur (CVCA) tech. fall  Miles Knuckles (Coventry)  tf16-0; 
138: Danny Sinchok (CVCA) dec.  Carter Mickley (Louisville)   7-5; 
145: Austin Pownall (CVCA) dec.  Daniel Kennedy (Louisville)   3-0; 
152: Jax Leonard (Louisville) dec.  Liam Fagan (Coventry)   9-5; 
160: Richie Eyre (Tallmadge) dec.  Tyler Williams (Canton South)   8-3; 
170: Jesse Kanatzar (Tallmadge) dec.  Kaleb Shank (Coventry)   12-10; 
182: Austin Hinzman (Coventry) maj. dec.  Nate Amato (Tallmadge)  md10-2; 
195: Brent Paulus (Louisville) pin  Jakob Hopkins (Norton)   0:51; 
220: Blake Robbins (Louisville) dec.  Breslin Walker (CVCA)   3-1; 
285: Jacob Petit (Hoban) pin  Cody Logan (CF Northwest)   0:34; 

Third Place 
106: Ronnie Boyd (Canton South) dec.  Dominic Hahn (Ak. Springfield)   4-3; 
113: Jake Arnold (Cloverleaf) pin  Gavin White (Field)   0:36; 
120: Caden Scarbrough (CVCA) maj. dec.  Kenny Jenkins (Cloverleaf)  md12-2; 
126: Alex Savering (Field) dec.  Cade Cass (Cloverleaf)   9-6; 
132: Michael Kelley (Norton) dec.  Logan Vanicek (Louisville)   4-2; 
138: Kaleb Kiss (Norton) dec.  Isaaiah Smith (Field)   9-4; 
145: Daniel Chapman (Ak. Springfield) def.  Christopher Davis (CF Northwest)  Default; 
152: Joey Judson (Cloverleaf) dec.  Dalton Duvall (CVCA)   6-3; 
160: Reece Swarm (Norton) pin  A.J. McCants (Coventry)   4:27; 
170: Brody Stallings (Cloverleaf) dec.  Dallas McAmis (Field)   8-3; 
182: Luke Petit (Hoban) dec.  Noah Peterson (Louisville)   6-5; 
195: Dalton Frey (Canton South) pin Seth Triplett (Ak. Springfield)   3:34; 
220: Ben Blankenship (Tallmadge) pin  Drew Pasadyn (Hoban)   0:36; 
285: Riley Brendle (Louisville) dec.  Logan Henderson (Cloverleaf)   2-0; 

Fifth Place 
106: Evan Garske (Coventry) dec. Jackson Sullivan (CVCA)   4-1; 
113: Charlie Simpson (Louisville) Bye Bye Bye; 
120: Josh Heatwall (Tallmadge) pin  Colby Simon (Coventry)   1:10; 
126: Brady Postek (Norton) pin  Kevin Gulling (Canton South)   0:59; 
132: Jacobi Smith (CF Northwest) maj. dec.  Josh Dunn (Cloverleaf)  md16-6; 
138: Austin Donaldson (CF Northwest) tech. fall Cameron Arthur (Cloverleaf)  tf17-0; 
145: Antonio Nichols (Canton South) pin Brandon Ridenour (Cloverleaf)   2:51; 
152: Ryan Davis (CF Northwest) maj. dec. Reid Beddow (Norton)  md12-4; 
160: Mason Evans (Field) pin Christian Alvarado (Ak. Springfield)   4:04; 
170: Connor Ramsey (CF Northwest) dec. Peyton Gardner (Norton)   12-5; 
182: Andrew Swym (Norton) pin  Jordan Guthier (Field)   3:57; 
195: Jake Spataro (Tallmadge) Bye Bye Bye; 
220: Trevor Fellouzis (Canton South) Bye Bye Bye; 
285: Sam Whitehurst (Tallmadge) def.  Kyler Barnett (Coventry)  Default; 

Consolation Semifinal 
106: Dominic Hahn (Ak. Springfield) dec. Jackson Sullivan (CVCA)   5-2;  Ronnie Boyd (Canton South) dec. Evan Garske (Coventry)   8-2; 
113: Gavin White (Field) maj. dec. Charlie Simpson (Louisville)  md10-0;  Jake Arnold (Cloverleaf) Bye Add 4pts (Minimum 4th Guaranteed) Bye; 
120: Caden Scarbrough (CVCA) pin  Josh Heatwall (Tallmadge)   1:15;  Kenny Jenkins (Cloverleaf) pin  Colby Simon (Coventry)   3:26; 
126: Alex Savering (Field) dec.  Brady Postek (Norton)   8-5;  Cade Cass (Cloverleaf) pin  Kevin Gulling (Canton South)   4:23; 
132: Logan Vanicek (Louisville) maj. dec.  Josh Dunn (Cloverleaf)  md13-2;  Michael Kelley (Norton) dec.  Jacobi Smith (CF Northwest)   11-8; 
138: Isaaiah Smith (Field) dec. Cameron Arthur (Cloverleaf)   6-2;  Kaleb Kiss (Norton) pin  Austin Donaldson (CF Northwest)   0:16; 
145: Daniel Chapman (Ak. Springfield) pin Antonio Nichols (Canton South)   2:19;  Christopher Davis (CF Northwest) pin Brandon Ridenour (Cloverleaf)   0:12; 
152: Dalton Duvall (CVCA) maj. dec. Reid Beddow (Norton)  md13-1;  Joey Judson (Cloverleaf) pin  Ryan Davis (CF Northwest)   2:16; 
160: A.J. McCants (Coventry) tech. fall Mason Evans (Field)  tf17-2;  Reece Swarm (Norton) pin Christian Alvarado (Ak. Springfield)   0:48; 
170: Dallas McAmis (Field) pin Peyton Gardner (Norton)   0:55;  Brody Stallings (Cloverleaf) maj. dec.  Connor Ramsey (CF Northwest)  md14-4; 
182: Luke Petit (Hoban) dec.  Jordan Guthier (Field)   5-3;  Noah Peterson (Louisville) dec.  Andrew Swym (Norton)   6-1; 
195: Seth Triplett (Ak. Springfield) pin Jake Spataro (Tallmadge)   2:06;  Dalton Frey (Canton South) Bye Add 4pts (Minimum 4th Guaranteed) Bye; 
220: Drew Pasadyn (Hoban) pin Trevor Fellouzis (Canton South)   1:58;  Ben Blankenship (Tallmadge) Bye Add 4pts (Minimum 4th Guaranteed) Bye; 
285: Riley Brendle (Louisville) pin  Sam Whitehurst (Tallmadge)   1:33;  Logan Henderson (Cloverleaf) dec.  Kyler Barnett (Coventry)   7-1; 

Third Consolation 
106: Jackson Sullivan (CVCA) pin  Damien Ries (CF Northwest)   2:48; Evan Garske (Coventry) dec. Tobias Baranek (Hoban)   6-4; 
113: Charlie Simpson (Louisville) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye; 
120: Josh Heatwall (Tallmadge) pin  Mason Goliath (CF Northwest)   1:09;  Kenny Jenkins (Cloverleaf) pin Justin Sloan (Field)   0:56; 
126: Brady Postek (Norton) maj. dec. Wyatt Witte (CF Northwest)  md9-1;  Kevin Gulling (Canton South) pin Gus Fortseras (Tallmadge)   4:16; 
132: Josh Dunn (Cloverleaf) pin Gage Gauze (Canton South)   4:04;  Jacobi Smith (CF Northwest) maj. dec. Hunter Long (Field)  md11-3; 
138: Cameron Arthur (Cloverleaf) maj. dec. Greg Davis (Ak. Springfield)  md13-1;  Austin Donaldson (CF Northwest) tech. fall Kody Arntz (Coventry)  tf18-2; 
145: Antonio Nichols (Canton South) pin John McKinley (Field)   1:00; Brandon Ridenour (Cloverleaf) dec.  Seth Finegan (Norton)   8-3; 
152: Reid Beddow (Norton) pin Brandon Drake (Field)   1:56;  Ryan Davis (CF Northwest) pin Josh Berkey (Tallmadge)   0:05; 
160: Mason Evans (Field) dec. Austin Stauffer (Louisville)   7-2; Christian Alvarado (Ak. Springfield) dec.  Anthony Norton (Cloverleaf)   7-4; 
170: Peyton Gardner (Norton) pin Gavin Stem (Ak. Springfield)   0:26;  Connor Ramsey (CF Northwest) dec. Justice Bolyard (Louisville)   5-3; 
182: Jordan Guthier (Field) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye;  Andrew Swym (Norton) pin David Delisi (Ak. Springfield)   1:29; 
195: Seth Triplett (Ak. Springfield) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye; 
220: Trevor Fellouzis (Canton South) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye; 
285: Sam Whitehurst (Tallmadge) pin Connor Haddad (Norton)   0:43;  Kyler Barnett (Coventry) pin Jessie Prather (Field)   2:25; 

106: Lacy Harvey (Louisville) pin  Dominic Hahn (Ak. Springfield)   5:24;  Kane Surrarrer (Cloverleaf) dec.  Ronnie Boyd (Canton South)   9-4; 
113: Jacob Decatur (CVCA) pin*  Gavin White (Field)   0:15;  Hunter Miller (Canton South) maj. dec.*  Jake Arnold (Cloverleaf)  md11-3; 
120: Garett Lautzenheiser (Louisville) maj. dec.  Caden Scarbrough (CVCA)  md14-6;  Jayden Morr (Norton) tech. fall  Colby Simon (Coventry)  tf15-0; 
126: Davin Rhoads (Louisville) pin  Alex Savering (Field)   4:32;  Matthew Williams (CVCA) maj. dec.  Cade Cass (Cloverleaf)  md11-2; 
132: Jordan Decatur (CVCA) pin  Logan Vanicek (Louisville)   1:27;  Miles Knuckles (Coventry) dec.  Michael Kelley (Norton)   11-9; 
138: Carter Mickley (Louisville) maj. dec.  Isaaiah Smith (Field)  md18-5;  Danny Sinchok (CVCA) dec.  Kaleb Kiss (Norton)   11-5; 
145: Austin Pownall (CVCA) tech. fall Daniel Chapman (Ak. Springfield)  tf16-1;  Daniel Kennedy (Louisville) maj. dec.  Christopher Davis (CF Northwest)  md18-8; 
152: Jax Leonard (Louisville) maj. dec.  Dalton Duvall (CVCA)  md11-3;  Liam Fagan (Coventry) tech. fall  Joey Judson (Cloverleaf)  tf18-3; 
160: Richie Eyre (Tallmadge) pin  A.J. McCants (Coventry)   0:57;  Tyler Williams (Canton South) pin  Reece Swarm (Norton)   3:47; 
170: Jesse Kanatzar (Tallmadge) dec.  Dallas McAmis (Field)   9-5;  Kaleb Shank (Coventry) dec.  Brody Stallings (Cloverleaf)   5-2; 
182: Nate Amato (Tallmadge) pin  Luke Petit (Hoban)   1:00;  Austin Hinzman (Coventry) pin*  Noah Peterson (Louisville)   1:20; 
195: Brent Paulus (Louisville) pin* Jake Spataro (Tallmadge)   0:15;  Jakob Hopkins (Norton) dec.*  Dalton Frey (Canton South)   9-4; 
220: Breslin Walker (CVCA) pin*  Drew Pasadyn (Hoban)   0:36;  Blake Robbins (Louisville) pin  Ben Blankenship (Tallmadge)   5:03; 
285: Cody Logan (CF Northwest) dec.  Riley Brendle (Louisville)   5-2;  Jacob Petit (Hoban) tech. fall  Logan Henderson (Cloverleaf)  tf23-8; 

Second Consolation 
106: Damien Ries (CF Northwest) pin Aidan Probst (Norton)   2:08; 
120: Kenny Jenkins (Cloverleaf) pin Sean Listerman (Hoban)   0:59; 
126: Gus Fortseras (Tallmadge) dec. Luke Radwany (Hoban)   9-5 OT; 
138: Cameron Arthur (Cloverleaf) pin Aden Schwartz (Tallmadge)   1:31;  Austin Donaldson (CF Northwest) pin Jake Harbarger (Hoban)   0:34; 
145: John McKinley (Field) pin Anthony Randall (Coventry)   4:25; 
152: Reid Beddow (Norton) pin Ben Little (Canton South)   1:54; 
160: Austin Stauffer (Louisville) pin David Lacey (Hoban)   1:45; 
170: Peyton Gardner (Norton) pin Grant Waller (Hoban)   0:34; 

106: Dominic Hahn (Ak. Springfield) dec.* Evan Garske (Coventry)   8-2;  Lacy Harvey (Louisville) pin* Tobias Baranek (Hoban)   4:24;  Ronnie Boyd (Canton South) pin* Aidan Probst (Norton)   0:58;  Kane Surrarrer (Cloverleaf) dec.* Jackson Sullivan (CVCA)   7-0; 
113: Jacob Decatur (CVCA) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye;  Gavin White (Field) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye;  Jake Arnold (Cloverleaf) pin Charlie Simpson (Louisville)   0:38;  Hunter Miller (Canton South) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye; 
120: Garett Lautzenheiser (Louisville) pin* Justin Sloan (Field)   1:14;  Caden Scarbrough (CVCA) tech. fall*  Kenny Jenkins (Cloverleaf)  tf20-4;  Colby Simon (Coventry) pin*  Mason Goliath (CF Northwest)   3:40;  Jayden Morr (Norton) pin*  Josh Heatwall (Tallmadge)   1:33; 
126: Davin Rhoads (Louisville) pin* Luke Radwany (Hoban)   2:41;  Alex Savering (Field) dec.*  Kevin Gulling (Canton South)   10-3;  Cade Cass (Cloverleaf) maj. dec.*  Brady Postek (Norton)  md8-0;  Matthew Williams (CVCA) pin* Wyatt Witte (CF Northwest)   1:13; 
132: Jordan Decatur (CVCA) pin Hunter Long (Field)   0:12;  Logan Vanicek (Louisville) pin  Jacobi Smith (CF Northwest)   0:47;  Michael Kelley (Norton) pin  Josh Dunn (Cloverleaf)   4:24;  Miles Knuckles (Coventry) tech. fall Gage Gauze (Canton South)  tf20-3; 
138: Isaaiah Smith (Field) pin Kody Arntz (Coventry)   3:48;  Carter Mickley (Louisville) pin*  Austin Donaldson (CF Northwest)   1:15;  Kaleb Kiss (Norton) pin Greg Davis (Ak. Springfield)   2:24;  Danny Sinchok (CVCA) pin* Aden Schwartz (Tallmadge)   0:27; 
145: Austin Pownall (CVCA) tech. fall* Brandon Ridenour (Cloverleaf)  tf16-0; Daniel Chapman (Ak. Springfield) pin  Seth Finegan (Norton)   0:26;  Christopher Davis (CF Northwest) pin* John McKinley (Field)   1:59;  Daniel Kennedy (Louisville) pin* Antonio Nichols (Canton South)   1:25; 
152: Jax Leonard (Louisville) pin* Josh Berkey (Tallmadge)   0:28;  Dalton Duvall (CVCA) maj. dec.  Ryan Davis (CF Northwest)  md10-0;  Joey Judson (Cloverleaf) pin* Ben Little (Canton South)   1:04;  Liam Fagan (Coventry) pin* Brandon Drake (Field)   1:22; 
160: Richie Eyre (Tallmadge) pin* Christian Alvarado (Ak. Springfield)   0:28;  A.J. McCants (Coventry) tech. fall  Anthony Norton (Cloverleaf)  tf17-2;  Reece Swarm (Norton) pin* David Lacey (Hoban)   0:45;  Tyler Williams (Canton South) pin* Mason Evans (Field)   0:39; 
170: Jesse Kanatzar (Tallmadge) maj. dec.* Justice Bolyard (Louisville)  md9-1;  Dallas McAmis (Field) dec.*  Connor Ramsey (CF Northwest)   9-4;  Brody Stallings (Cloverleaf) pin* Gavin Stem (Ak. Springfield)   0:25;  Kaleb Shank (Coventry) pin* Peyton Gardner (Norton)   1:12; 
182: Nate Amato (Tallmadge) pin David Delisi (Ak. Springfield)   0:29;  Luke Petit (Hoban) dec.  Andrew Swym (Norton)   9-2;  Noah Peterson (Louisville) pin  Jordan Guthier (Field)   5:06;  Austin Hinzman (Coventry) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye; 
195: Brent Paulus (Louisville) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye; Jake Spataro (Tallmadge) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye;  Jakob Hopkins (Norton) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye;  Dalton Frey (Canton South) tech. fall Seth Triplett (Ak. Springfield)  tf15-0; 
220: Breslin Walker (CVCA) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye;  Drew Pasadyn (Hoban) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye;  Ben Blankenship (Tallmadge) Bye Add 3pts (Minimum 6th Guaranteed) Bye;  Blake Robbins (Louisville) pin Trevor Fellouzis (Canton South)   0:08; 
285: Riley Brendle (Louisville) pin Jessie Prather (Field)   0:41;  Cody Logan (CF Northwest) pin  Kyler Barnett (Coventry)   5:50;  Logan Henderson (Cloverleaf) pin  Sam Whitehurst (Tallmadge)   3:07;  Jacob Petit (Hoban) pin Connor Haddad (Norton)   1:43; 

First Round 
106: Tobias Baranek (Hoban) pin  Damien Ries (CF Northwest)   4:10; 
120: Mason Goliath (CF Northwest) pin Sean Listerman (Hoban)   4:31; 
126: Wyatt Witte (CF Northwest) pin Gus Fortseras (Tallmadge)   5:04; 
138: Isaaiah Smith (Field) tech. fall Cameron Arthur (Cloverleaf)  tf15-0;  Kaleb Kiss (Norton) pin Jake Harbarger (Hoban)   1:02; 
145: Daniel Chapman (Ak. Springfield) pin Anthony Randall (Coventry)   2:26; 
152: Dalton Duvall (CVCA) tech. fall Reid Beddow (Norton)  tf15-0; 
160: A.J. McCants (Coventry) pin Austin Stauffer (Louisville)   1:29; 
170: Justice Bolyard (Louisville) pin Grant Waller (Hoban)   1:52;

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