Bryce Mathie Football & Basketball Highlights

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Bryce Mathie 2013 Football Highlights

Bryce Mathie 2013-14 Basketball Highlights

Bryce Mathie 2012 Football Highlights

Bryce Mathie 2012-13 Basketball Highlights

These are highlight videos I made for Louisville Leopards athlete Bryce Mathie for the 2012 & 2013 Football and 2012-13 & 2013-14 Basketball seasons.

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If you would like for me to make a video of your son/daughter please fill out this form ORDER HIGHLIGHT VIDEO or  text/call 330-577-EBAY that’s 330-577-3229. You will get a highlight DVD as well as a friendly website URL as you can see above (

You can also contact me about team highlight dvds, that will include all my videos from throughout the year in a DVD format. Girls Soccer 2011, Girls Basketball 2011-12, Boys Basketball 2011-12, and Volleyball 2012 have already been made. I have highlights from December 2010-Present still saved.

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