#10 Top Moment of 2012-13: Swimmers Dominate Inaugural NBC Meet

Louisville Leopards Swimming Senior Night 2013

#10 Swimmers Dominate Inaugural NBC Meet

Back on January 18 the Louisville Leopards Boys and Girls Swim teams not only won but dominated the first ever NBC Championship Swim Meet. While several NBC schools competed in the Meet, it was up to Louisville and Alliance to decide the champion. The Leopards Boys scored 162 to Alliance’s 126, while the Lady Leopards completely dominated by scoring 187 to the Lady Aviators second-place 62.

The Lady Leopards took first place in every event save one during their dominated performance in the pool.  Allison Richmond recorded the highest time for all swimmers (both Beatty's Sports Spring Sports 2013boys and girls) in both the 200 Yard Freestyle (2:04.78) and the 500 Yard Freestyle (5:40.96).  Amy Yu also captured two first place finishes in the 200 Yard IM (2:32.49) and 100 Yard Backstroke (1:09.18).  The Louisville Girls also won all three relay races.

On the boys side, Caleb Walters earned victories in the 200 Yard IM (2:25.63) and the 500 Yard Freestyle (5:42.90). The Leopards boys also claimed two first place finishes in relay events.

While Swimming is not an official NBC sport yet, the creation and participation in this meet is a giant step in the direction of making it one. As the sport gains more and more popularity in the NBC, I believe that in the near future you will see Louisville hoist several NBC trophies for the sport of Swimming!

The Boys squad went on to finish the season 8-5 and the Girls ended their season 10-3 in dual meet action.

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10. Swimmers Dominate Inaugural NBC Meet

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