Little Leopards Scoreboard – August 30, 2015

Dylan Walczak Little Leopards Football Browns Vs. Bears

Little Leopards Football Scores – August 30, 2015

5th-6th Grade

Cowboys 6, Rams 0
Cowboys now 1-0; Rams now 0-1

Chiefs 8, Packers 0
Chiefs now 1-0; Packers now 0-1

Chiefs Vs. Packers Week 1 Game Video

Video Courtesy of Bob Severns

7th-8th Grade

Bears 38, Colts 12
Bears now 1-0; Colts now 0-1

Browns 29, Lions 8
Browns now 1-0, Lions now 0-1

Browns Vs. Lions Week 1 Game Video

Video Courtesy of Bob Severns


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